Jun 10, 2019 - by staff

by Billy Rouse

We are just 13 days away from Stomping Grounds and 72 hours removed from Super ShowDown. What will happen when Raw goes on the air live from the SAP Center? This is “The Real Deal” Billy Rouse, and you are entering the RAW Zone!


The show starts with BURN IT DOWN and Seth Rollins comes out with steel chair in hand!

SUPER SHOWDOWN RECAP: Universal Championship Match

Rollins has a microphone. He feels alive tonight. The locker room has three choices: outwrestle Seth, fight him for it or try the hard way. Ask Brock Lesnar how that turns out. Super ShowDown felt pretty good to Rollins. Corbin’s music hits as he comes out. Here Rollins is talking about Lesnar again. MASSIVE f*** you chant from the crowd. Corbin says he’s the best thing San Jose has going on. After Stomping Grounds, Baron Corbin will be the new Universal Champion. Corbin claims John Cone cost him the match. The Stomping Grounds match will have a guest referee chosen by Corbin. Seth asks who the ref is, as Corbin’s own dog doesn’t even like him. Sami Zayn’s music hits as he comes out and says he’s on Team Corbin. Zayn says being Universal Champion isn’t good for Seth. It would be better for Seth, Raw & the fans if Baron Corbin was Universal Champion. Seth asks if there’s anything in it for Sami. Seth talks crap and asks who has Zayn’s back. Cue Kevin Owens. KO defends Zayn & Corbin. Rollins challenges Owens to do something about it. Seth asks the fans. Massive pop. Seth goes up the ramp.


Lars Sullivan’s music hits as we get ready for a handicap elimination match, next!



Lars Sullivan VS Lucha House Party

Kalisto starts off. Springboard front dropkick, slam, pinfall. Lince Dorado is next. Kicking the knees, attempted hurricanrana, running Liger Bomb, pinfall. Gran Metalik is last. Metalik tried and fails to get him. Modified powerbomb. Kalisto got gorilla press slammed onto the steps outside. Metalik planted and is pulled up after a two. Dorado tries and gets punked. Top rope shoulder attack pins Metalik.


Winner via pinfall: Lars Sullivan


Backstage Fabulous Truth is chased into an elevator. Cameras catch someone passing gas in the elevator. Backstage Lacey Evans, Becky Lynch & Seth Rollins are shown backstage. A live interview is next.


Live Interview: Michael Col with Lacey Evans & Becky Lynch

Cole wants to start with Lynch but Evans interrupts. Lynch brings up Evans submitting at MITB. Lacey won’t stop until she gets what she wants. Costing Lynch the SD Title pissed Becky off. Evans says what drives Lynch is fear. Evans says she will be Champion.


Backstage with Alexa & Nikki. Alexa says Bayley is a manipulator and has done that since NXT. Bliss asks asks Nikki to be in her corner tonight.


Miz’s music hits, and it’s time for MizTV! The special guest is United States Champion Samoa Joe!





Miz welcomes us and introduces his guest, Samoa Joe. Joe interrupts Miz and claims Rey Mysterio stole his title and he was given an opportunity to win it back. Miz calls out Joe on his behavior. Miz tells Joe not to involve a man’s family unless he wants to get called out. Joe decides he wants to involve Miz’s family, but Braun Strowman comes out and challenges Joe for a fight. Lashley’s music hits and he comes out. Lashley says he’s not done with Braun. Lashley references the TNA history of him & Joe. Ricochet comes out and challenges for the US Title. Cesaro comes out and sucker punches Ricochet. A six way brawl breaks out. Strowman, Ricochet & Miz standing tall as we go to break.



Braun Strowman, Ricochet & Miz VS Samoa Joe, Cesaro & Bobby Lashley

Strowman beats on Joe & Lashley. Miz tags in. Joe tags in and mails Miz. Cesaro tags in and crossfaces Miz. Ricochet tags in. Springboard clothesline, flying crossbody, sweep. Fosbury Flop to the outside on Cesaro. Cesaro tags in. Side headlock, Hurricanrana, two count. Lashley tags in. Irish whip, step up enziguiri. Miz tags in for a springboard. Corner kicks to Lashley, trio of running double knees. DDT duo and the double It Kicks on Cesaro & Lashley. Lashley hits a flatliner and tags Joe in. Back senton gets a two. Strowman breaks the pin up. Cesaro Swing on Miz. Cesaro fizzy as he goes for the sharpshooter. Ricochet breaks the submission up. Strowman tags in. Shoulder tackles set up the barricade collision. Club to the chest gets a two thanks to Joe. Joe set up for a powerslam. Samoa Joe grabs the US Title and runs. Uppercut gets a 2 by Cesaro. Neutralizer countered into the Skull Crushing Finale. Ricochet tags in and the 630 gets the pin.

Winners via pin: Ricochet, Miz & Strowman


Cesaro is helped to the back


backstage interview with Charly Caruso & Baron Corbin. Sami Zayn interrupts


Becky Lynch’s music hits and it’s Women’s Division Tag team action!


SUPER SHOWDOWN RECAP: Mansoor wins the 51 man battle royal



Becky Lynch & Bayley VS Lacey Evans & Alexa Bliss w/Nikki Cross

Bayley & Bliss start out. Sliding forearm gets a two. Slam and a one. Evans tags in. Two count on Bayley. Another two. Lynch tags in and swarms Evans. Kick and Bliss tags in. Flying forearm, Bexploder countered. Lynch & Bayley knock down Evans. Alexa misses the standing moonsault. Evans tags in and grounds Lynch. Evans thrown. Becky eats the turnbuckle and gets pinned for a two. Lacey goes flying outside. Lacey blocks a tag. Evans eats a trio of strikes. Swinging neckbreaker by Evans for a two. Evans goes for a springboard moonsault and misses. Bayley & Bliss tag in. Corner kick to Bliss. Two count, Evans breaks up the pin. A pair of Woman’s Rights leads to Twisted Bliss being countered. Evans tags in and a third Woman’s Right puts Bayley away.

WINNERS VIA PIN: Lacey Evans & Alexa Bliss


Backstage Shane is on the phone and Sami Zayn interrupts. Corbin suggested it. Zayn wants to be the outside referee tonight for the main event. Shane does it.


Paul Heyman is introduced in ring. He talks about being disturbed by the level of hostility between Lesnar & Rollins. Lesnar could beat Rollins for the belt any day, but will beat Rollins every day. Heyman says Seth is a thug and not a worthy Universal Champion. Heyman & Lesnar are no longer willing to let us know when they are cashing in. Heyman talks his crap. He hints at Lesnar guaranteeing a beating that will violate the PG era.


In the elevator, conversation continues. Arguments are over chasing Truth.


The Iiconics’ music hits, and they come out to the ring. Iiconics say they will defend their belts against San Jose’s finest.



The Iiconics VS Lisa Lace & Aliyah Mia

Billie Kay hits a big boot and beats her opponent down. Royce with a kick as she tags in. Double team for the squash win.

Winners: The Iiconics


SSD RECAP: Shane McMahon VS Roman Reigns


Postmatch interview with Byron Saxton & Roman Reigns.


in ring the setup for a celebration is being erected.


The elevator camera captures another segment.


Drew McIntyre’s music hits, followed by Shane’s as they make their way to the ring. Shane talks about growing up in the WWE and calls Roman Reigns a future hall of Famer. Shane lists Reigns’ accomplishments. Shane talks about SSD. Roman shouldn’t be ashamed, his best wasn’t good enough. Shane puts McIntyre over now, saying Drew helped him immensely. McIntyre says he’s going to hurt, maim & humiliate Roman. He is going to render Reigns physically unrecognizable. Shane wants to celebrate and pours some champagne. Shane drinks his out of his trophy.


Shane introduces the Revival.


Revival go to drink some bubbly, but Shane stops them.


Tag Team Championship action is next!


Backstage interview with Charly Caruso, Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins



Revival VS The Uso’s VS Hawkins & Ryder

Ryder starts with Dawson. Tag into Jey Uso. Lockups and a two. Hawkins tags in for a two. Wilder tags. Dawson tags in. Jimmy flies and a two. Samoan Drop gets a two. Jimmy runs into a punch for a two. Ryder tags in. Rough Ryder leads to a Superkick Party. Splash connects, but Dawson tagged in for the pin.

Winners and new Raw Tag Team Champions, The Revival


Charly Caruso interview with Seth Rollins backstage


In the elevator, a discussion on marriage is taking place. The elevator finally opens and a brawl ensues, ending with Fabulous Truth going back in the elevator.


Up next, we visit the Firefly Fun House!

Bray says hello in Japanese to start. Mercy is trying to eat the bunny again. Bray asks if he wants the Fiend, Mercy is scared of the Fiend. Rambling Rabbit is smashed by Bray Wyatt. Wyatt asks if Rabbit is okay, but no answer.


BURN IT DOWN hits, and it’s main event time!


Seth Rollins VS Kevin Owens with outside referee Sami Zayn

Zayn checks both wrestlers. The bell rings and we’re underway. Wrist lock and Owens gets to the ropes. Single leg attempt countered. Wrist lock on Rollins. Seth reverses and crucifix pins KO for two. Owens kicking Seth in the corner. Pendulum dropkick on Owens. Rollins gets put into the barricade ribs first and clotheslined. Bow and arrow submission by KO. Seth is getting punished, but kicks out at one. Hammer across the ribs. Owens gets Seth on his shoulders. Seth counters and hits a Slingblade. KO hits the ribs, but the senton Bomb is countered. Rollins goes to fly, gets hit. Kick series leads to a step-up enziguiri. Zayn comes in to check out KO. Owens rolls up Seth for two. Suicide dive to Owens, Burn it Down Stomp. Zayn pulls out the referee at two. Seth grabs Zayn and Zayn immediately calls for the bell to disqualify Rollins.

Winner via DQ: Kevin Owens

postmatch, Corbin, Zayn & Owens beat down Seth Rollins. Corbin grabs a chair, but Seth grabs it and clobbers Zayn with it several times. Seth finally snaps and wears Sami Zayn out with the chair, strips the stripes off Zayn and finally hits the Burn it Down Stomp while glaring at Baron Corbin. The show goes off the air with Seth standing tall.


My Thoughts: overall a killer show. Seth Rollins captures that deranged mindset in a way I’ve seen only Jimmy Jacobs, Steve Austin & HHH do. Not sure what Bray Wyatt is being set up for. Personally, I’m gonna love seeing the possibilities for a Nikki Cross/Alexa Bliss feud after the current angle. Very reminiscent of Alexa & Nia Jax. For Steve Gerweck & the rest of the site, this is “The Real Deal” Billy Rouse. Goodnight!

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