Goldberg apologizes to fans for bad performance, says he knocked himself out

Jun 8, 2019 - by Colin Vassallo

Following his train wreck match against The Undertaker, former Universal champion Goldberg apologized to his fans for his performance on social media.

The ending of the match was changed as the original plan was for Goldberg to try and Tombstone The Undertaker and then Taker would reverse it. Both ended up on the floor and then Taker just hit a horrible-looking choke slam for the pinfall.

“Knocked myself out and thought I could finish,” wrote Goldberg on Twitter. “Love my fans…but let u down.”

He then said that he hopes that those people who found “pleasure” in his bad performance are now happy.

Goldberg was busted open big time halfway through the match when he went for a spear and hit the ring post. His forehead already seemed to be pre-cut entering in the match. Things didn’t help when The Undertaker dropped him on his head when he got the Tombstone pile driver and Goldberg botched the Jackhammer attempt on Taker as well.

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