Bischoff says Moxley’s complaints are no surprise and compares it to Jericho WCW Departure

Jun 8, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck

After 83 Weeks with Christy Olson, Eric Bischoff offers his thoughts on the latest hot topics in pro wrestling, from employment practices to dealing with frustrated performers. While addressing Jon Moxley’s recent comments regarding WWE creative, the former WCW president also exposes the reason behind Chris Jericho’s departure to WWE.

Regarding WWE’s classification of wrestlers as independent contractors, Eric says “Historically that’s just the way it’s always been,” adding:

If I’m ever given a choice of being an employee or an independent contractor, I’m going to be an independent contractor. It has a lot of advantages to it. You know we hear about the disadvantages sometimes, and people kind of focus on that because it is a different world. When you’re self-employed you have to worry about your own insurance, your tax structure is a little different. There are some downsides to it, or challenges to it. But I much prefer it.

Eric says Moxley’s unhappiness with the creative direction he was given is common:

Guess what? That’s the entertainment business. Anybody that’s ever directed or produced a television series, a sitcom, a movie, or wrestling show, or probably a high school play, at one level or another has faced that issue. Now obviously the higher profile [a performer] becomes, the more money is involved, the more visibility you have, the more success you have, the more sensitive one becomes to that particular issue. It’s the nature of the business.

Comparing Moxley’s complaints to Chris Jericho in WCW:

Chris Jericho when he was in WCW was very frustrated…Chris really saw himself as a much bigger character, a much more significant character, a much more versatile character and he thought he was being provided credit for, he voiced that often, which is why he ended up going to the WWE, which is why Moxley is now in AEW. It’s not unnatural. I think people should expect it. There’s nothing wrong with it. When you’re that into your character and when you’re that passionate about the business, you were going to feel like you were out growing whatever situation you’re in, particularly in WWE. There’s a lot of talent there.

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