Foley Explains His Involvement in Ashley Massaro’s Memorial GoFundMe

Jun 5, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck

Mick Foley appeared on TMZ to promote his offer to visit fan’s homes if they donate $5,000 to a GoFundMe for Ashley Massaro’s daughter. Foley announced late last month that if they gave to the GoFundMe set up by the Squared Circle Sisters, the group of women who worked with Massaro in the ring, which is going to a college savings plan for Alexa Massaro to provide for her continued education.

On the GoFundMe campaign: “It was actually a group of 20 women who wrestled with Ashley, who put the fundraiser together — the Squared Circle Sisters. And they just kind of adopted me to play a little role. I’m really grateful for it … Especially with Ashley’s death, the women in particular have vowed to be there for each other. It’s a really close-knit group and I think we’re also understanding that it takes a tougher person to admit they need help than to pretend that everything’s okay. So we’re trying to get the message across to everybody that has been in our extended family that there’s help out there. And if you’re having a tough time and you think it’s overwhelming, that people are out there willing to listen and things do get better.”

On his offer to travel to fans’ homes if they donate $5,000: “Ashley was a good friend and a great person, and she left behind a beautiful 18 year-old daughter. And we in the wrestling community are trying to do what we can. And people are really generous with their donations, we’ve brought in $25,000 in one day. We’re up to $45,000 now, but just to give a little added incentive, I just put it out there that for a $5,000 donation I would travel anywhere in the United States or Canada and watch RAW or SmackDown or any show, I guess you get three hours of my time, we can do whatever you want. I can do your yard work if you like. I will, and somebody said, ‘What about [the] U.K.?’ I said $10,000 I’ll go anywhere in the world so I hope somebody takes me up on it. I’ve got a lot of frequent flyer miles, a young man out of Detroit named David already made the $5,000 donation. We got a couple of other people who are really interested. But really the $5 and $10 donations add up in a hurry and every little bit counts.”

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