6/4/19 WWE Smackdown Recap

Jun 4, 2019 - by Achal Mohindra

SmackDown Results
June 4, 2019
Loredo, Texas

SmackDown kicks of with commentators informing us that Goldberg is here on SmackDown tonight for the first time, also Shane McMahon calls out Roman Reigns.

When we go live out comes WWE Champion Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods.

Kofi says last 3 months life has been crazy and thought I had seen and done it all, championships, friendships, There has been lows and I want to fight through those lows and by doing that it provided me a opportunity to become champion at WrestleMania.  I want to achieve the dreams and inspire others. (We see a video of Kofi Kingston going back home to Ghana).

I returned to Ghana and says I saw it in their eyes and same spot was that child I was years ago and it is an amazing experience, I hugged my grandma after 30 years. Dolph Ziggler says you are an inspiration and if this was Super Showdown, I respect you too much, your sacrifices, this isn’t about you, this is the way I am, this is about me. (We see a video about Dolph Ziggler) I gave my soul to WWE and you got the WrestleMania, you win the WWE Championship when it should have been me, Kofi you are a hero but one day all of you will realise of this story and should have been me.

Kofi says you have had a great career, beat me for WWE Intercontinental, US Title was me, know how it feels to be passed off, you neglected something ( we see video of Dolph Ziggler walking away) you quit when things didn’t go your way, turned your way back, ( we see Ziggler attack on Kofi two weeks ago). Dolph Ziggler says Friday it will be me.

Music of Kevin Owens and he and Sami Zayn come out for tag team action.

Commercial break

Tag Team Match
WWE Champion Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods Vs Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn

When we return Zayn in control of Woods, Xavier with a hammerlock and then tags in Woods, Owens tagged in, Kofi takes down Owens and punches in the corner, Kevin Owens sent into the corner by Kingston, Zayn tagged in and then Xavier tagged in with stomps to Zayn in the corner and bronco buster in the corner on Zayn by Woods.

Owens tagged in and nails rolling senton on Woods, Owens in control as we go to break

Commercial break

When we return Owens in control of Woods, and Kingston tagged in and regains control, Boom Drop by Kofi on Sami Zayn, Owens tries to get involved from outside but Woods stops him, Trouble in Paradise by Kofi Kingston for the win.

Winners via Pinfall The New Day – WWE Champion Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods

After the match Ziggler appears out of nowwhere and drops Kofi and Xavier with a super kick and then leaves.

We see Shane McMahon saying you think this is to soften up Roman Reigns (highlights shown from Raw)

Commercial break

Alexa Bliss comes out to host a Moment of Bliss, Alexa says she is on the lower brand SmackDown, Alexa introduces SmackDown Womens Champion Bayley, Alexa complains about the tea and someone comes out and gives her a different cup. Bayley says the champ is here, Alexa says I am waiting for my coffee, Bayley asks if you are serious. Alexa says it started at Money in The bank and won the contract and cashed in and became champion, Bayley says I worked hard to achieve it, I cashed in on Nia Jax and it was spectacular, when I was champion it meant something, do you think it means much around your waist, Bayley says a lot has changed, I am looking to the future, Alexa has her coffee come out and she tosses it out of her hand over Alexa.

Music of Carmella hits, and she says it should be someone from SmackDown challenging Bayley, Charlotte Flair comes out and says I talked to my friend Shane McMahon and there will be a match with winner facing Bayley at Stomping Ground for SmackDown Womens Championship between Carmella Vs Alexa Bliss Vs me Charlotte Flair.

We see Carmella backstage and R-Truth stops him and says he needs her help, he then gets a call from Shane McMahon saying he is in a WWE 24/7 Championship Match in the ring standard rules. R-Truth leaves and Carmella speaks to Shane on the phone and she is shocked.

Commercial break

Elias is in the ring and there are multiple superstars around the ring.

WWE 24/7 Championship Lumberjack Match – Lumberjacks cannot pin champion during match
Challenger: Elias Vs Champion: R-Truth

Elias drops R-Truth with Drift Away for the win.

Winner and New WWE 24/7 Champion Elias.

After the match Elias exits while superstars brawl and crawl under the ring and then R-Truth re-appears and bell is rung.

Winner and New WWE 24/7 Champion R-Truth

Drake Maverick chases after R-Truth

Commercial break

Shane McMahon comes out with The Revival and asks Gregg Hamilton to give him his introduction which he does. Shane says last night he had a great time last night and Revival did a great job, thanks for being here for emotional support, I want to see again what happened last night with me destroying Roman Reigns last night on Raw.

Shane says imagine what I do this Friday and I am like a dog and will need to tame the one dog who is high spirited and then what you do you do with a dog like that and that is what I will do this Friday at Super Showdown and neuter the big dog and he is at my heels. Roman Reigns music hits and Shane sends Revival to go after Reigns and he drops them both with Superman Punches, Reigns comes down the ramp and McIntyre drops him with a Claymore kick.

In the ring Shane McMahon spears Roman Reigns and does his chants.

#1 Contenders Triple Threat Womens Match
Charlotte Vs Carmella Vs Alexa Bliss

Carmella gains control and nails submission on Charlotte broken by Bliss. Flair drops Bliss with a boot and Carmella back in and drops Flair with a drop kick, Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville come out. Bliss sends Carmella into the wall and the Flair chops Bliss.

When we return Carmella drops Bliss with her headscissor and then kick to Charlotte for a two count, Charlotte hooks Figure 8 and Bliss dives of the top rope and dives onto Flair to break it for a two count before broken by Carmella.

Charlotte with a takedown on Carmella for a two broken by Bliss, Carmella sent outside, Bliss sends Flair into corner post, knee kick to Bliss by Flair, Carmella with a super kick as Flair is about to hook submission but Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville pull out Charlotte Flair, then Bliss with a DDT for the win.

Winner and #1 Contender for SmackDown Womens Champion Alexa Bliss

We see Kayla Braxton backstage getting ready to interview Lars Sullivan

Commercial break

Kayla Braxton is in the ring and introduces Lars Sullivan, Kayla says you have been on a rampage and what drives a man to do what he does? Lars doesn’t speak, Lars would you ask a lion why he plans his attack, then why would you ask what drives a man like me. I have come to realise I am no man but my for my entire life described by one word, Kayla say the word, Lars says I can take it, Kayla says freak quietly, Lars says when a lion performs primary function they know and when I do I get called that word, I am here to hurt, di-sect and dehumanise people, world is full of pain and dominated like me the freak of nature, Kayla asks about Lucha House Party, Lars says do you like nursery rhymes, 3 blind mice, watch how they run, watch how they are cut, and I tare their tales apart and portrait painted with their bodily fluids. Lars smiles

Commercial break

Singles Match
Andrade Vs Apollo Crews

Before the bell Apollo is attacked and Andrade drops him with a Hammerlock DDT

No Contest

After the match Finn Balor runs down and nails stomp on Andrade. Zelina tries to trip Balor which is a distraction and then Andrade drops Balor with Hammerlock DDT.

We see security standing outside locker room of Goldberg.

Commercial break

Music of Goldberg hits and security knock on his door and he is coming to the ring. Goldberg chant fills arena, Goldberg says don’t do this to me again, thank you Loredo. it is time to get down to business, been waiting over 20 years to face The Undertaker 1 on 1, now I finally get the match I want, listening to Taker on Raw made a interesting point about sharing the ring with the icon Goldberg rather than the family man Goldberg, I appreciate your advice, made a switch go off and I don’t want the family man and he would fall short, I left his ass at home, you will get the Goldberg watched for past 20 years, you will get the ass kicking Goldberg and once for all we will find out who is best because YOU ARE NEXT To REST IN PEACE.

Dong of Undertaker hits and lights go out and lights up and Undertaker standing behind him  and they stare each other down. Lights go off and back on and Undertaker has gone.

Goldberg says bring it on Friday and you will see the real Goldberg

Commentators discuss card of matches at WWE Super Showdown,

End of SmackDown

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