Pro Wrestling Legend Reveals Bone-Chilling Moments Before Kerry Von Erich’s Suicide

Jun 4, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck

Via Chris Featherstone:

Former WCCW, GWF, NWA, and WWE star Black Bart was a recent guest of the Pancakes and Powerslams Show to discuss the Dark Side of the Ring.

Bart went into shocking detail about the final moments of Kerry Von Erich before his suicide, as well as his drug problem.

“I wrestled Kerry, and I was around him a lot. But, when he left to go to [WWE] as Texas Tornado, or whatever they did up there to try to bury him, that’s what they were trying to do is bury [him], but he made something out of it, and I give him all the credit for that. But when he left, he had a cocaine problem. And he got zapped. When he [came] back home, he bought more cocaine, and get zapped again. By I mean zapped, I mean the cops got him. And he was facing time.

“I wrestled Kerry that Friday night at the Sportatorium in a cage match, loser leaves. I beat him to the door, one of the first times ever, and double juiced, the whole nine yards. And he went out with his wife, his ex-wife, had two little beautiful daughters, and asked if him and her could get back together. She said, there’s no way, no shape, form, or [fashion]. He wrote on a napkin – on the table – that tomorrow, I walk with my brothers. He went that next morning out to Fritz’s ranch, and went out and took a jeep and put a .44 right through his chest. [Blew] his heart out the backside. It went in the size of a .44, and came out the size of a basketball. Fritz knew he was out there, and he waited 8, 9 hours before he even went out there.”

You can hear the discussion here:

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