Killer Kross Weighs In on Reports He Requested a Release from Impact Wrestling

Jun 3, 2019 - by James Walsh

Killer Kross has addressed PWInsider’s report that he requested his release from Impact Wrestling after they did not give him a new deal with a guaranteed, six-figure salary in an interview with MultiMediaMouth at Starrcast (full interview below).

On reports that he has requested his release from Impact Wrestling: “I’ve chosen not to talk about it, reason being because there have been inaccuracies that are in that article. Quite frankly, I’m very f***ing angry that that article has surfaced, and that’s all I’m allowed to say about that. I’m not happy about it.”

On where he ultimately wants to end up: “My end game, to be completely honest with you, is to be financially secure enough to take care of my family and wherever that can happen is exactly where I belong. I’ve been very, very happy being in Impact Wrestling, I’ve been very vocal about that over the last year. I’ve been having a blast. I have a lot of freedoms there that probably wouldn’t be afforded anywhere else. So there’s a level of gratitude there that’s priceless that I never take for granted.”

On his interest in working in Japan: “However, in regards to Japan, I’ve been dying to get there and go there. You can tell by my ring work, outside the character presentation stuff, that I have a lot of Japanese influences.

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