Jon Moxley says WWE writers have good ideas, but know they will be shot down

Jun 2, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck

Wade Keller Part 2 Interview With Jon Moxley talks about WWE pay scale/schedule/Lesnar/Austin and More

Here are the highlights from the second part of Wade Keller’s interview with Jon Moxley

-He feels like Hayes and Noble are two of the producers who know what they’re doing and loves the creative and freedom in AEW

-There’s writers that have amazing ideas but don’t go to Vince because they know it’ll be shot down

-SummerSlam was supposed to end with Shield interrupting Strowmans cash in and it was Brocks idea to change it and that’s why it happened the next night. He described it as Brock shooting it down and people just standing there not saying anything, said the writers worked hard on coming up with an epic ending for SummerSlam but instead it ended with Roman winning and Strowman looking like an idiot.

-There was no effort to the Brock build up, he tried to get them to go with it and even got in Brocks face which was all unscripted

-He was excited for the match but hated the build up because it was so goofy and he wouldn’t be able to do anything, he pitched everything and he was ignored. He felt Brock only saw him being in the ring was good enough.

-He talks carrying a red wagon the week before and how stupid it was and tried to talk to Brock and wanted to try to work with him to set up sh*t and Lesnar told him don’t worry about it

-They didn’t even rehearse the match, Brock didn’t get in town until the night before WM

-He pitched an ending where Brock would throw him in thumb tacks and as Brock was choking him out he’d flip him off and he texted Vince the idea, who replied “maybe :)”

-He also in the weeks leading up wanted to lock people in ankle locks to seem like he was studying Brocks fights

-Brock didn’t show up until three hours before the show and they only talked about the match until the second match of the show

-He said his match wasn’t important and they didn’t care about him

-Brock didn’t care about stealing the show and Ambrose felt they easily could have, also said Lesnar didn’t show up to the arena until a few hours before the show and they didn’t discuss the match for the first time until the second match of the show was going on despite Ambrose trying to talk to him, says Brock told him “don’t worry”

-He pitched an idea where he sprayed Brock in the eye with pepper spray and he’d beat Brock with weapons, then Brock would do his comeback and win, Brock liked it but producers said it was bad.

-he pitched basically the same angle Lesnar and Orton did at SummerSlam 2016 where Brock would elbow him into unconsciousness but they shot it down

-in the Austin interview, he didn’t want to talk about his childhood and Austin said something that pissed him off and he mentally shut down but he loves Austin and wants to be on his podcast

-Says Austin didn’t understand the sh*t they have to go through now and how it’s not like it was when he was there

-He said a producer who did the interview asked him what kind of sh*t he wants to talk about on it and he said he did not want to dig up his childhood and they still did it. He doesn’t blame Austin, more so the producer.

-Goes on to praise AEWs creative process and how smooth it is, says he may take his character in a tweener direction and used Cody as an example

-Says WWE needs to readjust their pay scale and schedule, says house shows don’t make the company the big money like it used to and it’s the TV deals that does. Talent don’t get pay from them.

-Says though the schedule wasn’t why he left, he feels it was still rough and during his title run he was physically and mentally shot.

(Pro Wrestling & MMA World)

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