Tony Khan Explains Why AEW Won’t Use Scripted Promos

May 30, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck

Tony Khan has been adamant about AEW not using scripted promos and explained why that will be the case while speaking with Busted Open Radio. Khan discussed that era, AEW’s appear to younger audiences and more during the interview. Highlights are below (per Wrestling Inc):

On AEW reaching a younger audience: “It was a conscious effort but not surprised by it. It’s been basically our audience is younger. This show was very different than our social media. This pay per view was not like an episode of Being the Elite … I think there is something about social media now where people are more engaged with their celebrities and their sports stars than ever before. People can spot a phony and I think young people can spot a phony. I think young people can spot when people believe what they are saying and when people aren’t believing what they are saying, and when I was a kid, I really did believe what Ric Flair and Randy Savage and Bret Hart said in their promos. I think there has to be some believability.”

On AEW avoiding scripted promos: “When you see a guy reading off a teleprompter or a mental teleprompter, just trying to recite a script or trying to look up in the air when you forget a line. It is hard to suspend disbelief when the wrestler doesn’t believe in the real-life situation that is unfolding. So like I said, I am not surprised that we are drawing young viewers; it was part of the plan going in. Being the Elite is going to be a lot different than the wrestling show that we do, but that is the point.”

On the company being more sports-oriented than most wrestling product: “I really don’t know any other way, honestly. We come from the NFL and English Football. For me I have been to a hundred of post-fight, post-match performances and I really don’t know any other way than to be open with you guys. I have always had a great relationship with media who has covered our team. Us, as the Khan family, we don’t know any other way than to be open and sharing with you guys. I really enjoy interacting with you guys and everyone in the post-fight scrums. We did this one but we have also done one after doing our debut press-conferences, we have all gone out and spoken with the media. Cody, The Young Bucks and I really do enjoy it. I think the fans enjoy it. I am glad you guys enjoy it. Most importantly, I am glad it makes your jobs easier because I really want you guys to enjoy it.”

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