Reigns: “I want you to go nuts whether it’s in a good or a bad way”

May 30, 2019 - by James Walsh

In an interview with Sporting News, Roman Reigns said that he wants the fans to react to him however they want, because he’s going to perform the way he wants and do it for them. Here are highlights:

On how the fans react: “I want the fans to do what they want to do. I want to do what I want to do and that’s perform for them. That’s the relationship. That’s what’s so beautiful about our entertainment: We do it together. It’s not like we make it, we work on it, we send it out. No. We make it with the audience. As long as they are achieving what they set out to do when they come to these shows and that’s to have a good time, to get lost in it – whether it’s cheering or booing – as long as you’re having an emotional connection, that’s all I care about because I don’t want you to pay your money and then come here and sit on your hands,” Reigns added. “I want you to go nuts whether it’s in a good or a bad way. I want you to go crazy and have a great time and disconnect from the world and escape with us.”

On his personal story getting involved in storylines: “For me, it rearranged my perspective because I still enjoy creating. I love to go out there and tell a story through wrestling and sports entertainment, but we’re in a place now where we’re not just performers. We are people. I’ve always wanted to have just a little more of a purpose than just being that entertainer and I think now with my story and the things I’ve gone through, people can connect with me and they can see where I’m coming from and the struggles I’ve been through and it gives them a little better taste of the person I am. If they can connect with Joe a little more than Roman, then I think I’m doing a better job at my career and my life than I was before.”

On letting the world about his leukemia: “With my career, being a bit of a polarizing character, you just never know how people are going to take it. And, on top of that, it’s my personal business. Like everyone else, I have the right to my privacy, but I think, in my head, with all the support that I have received and even with, beforehand, a crazy, polarizing reaction, there were still so many supporters, so many people that have always had my back and always had my best interest out for me and have been by my side. When a lot of people were hating and talking down on me, those people were backing me up. I just felt like it was my responsibility to let them know what was going on. That way, they didn’t have to make their own assumptions. They didn’t have to buy into the rumors or the dirt sheets or whatever anyone is saying. They just hear it from me and they know, ‘Alright guys, this is what’s going on with me.’ It’s been a bit of something I’ve already gone through and I never felt the need to share it, but I want you to know that I’m going to be fine.’”

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