Bischoff Says He Would Have Let DX Enter the Arena During Nitro Invasion

May 30, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck

Eric Bischoff Says He Would Have Let DX Enter the Arena During Nitro Invasion If He Knew Beforehand…

The latest 83 Weeks featured a “best of” clip of Eric Bischoff recalling the events of the famous DX “invasion” of Nitro. The invasion saw DX ride a jeep (styled to look like a tank) to Nitro on April 27th, 1998 when Raw and Nitro took place just 19 miles apart. They rode right up to the loading dock of The Scope in Norfolk, Virginia and tried to get in, but the door was closed before they could.

Bischoff discussed claims by Vince Russo that they didn’t know if Bischoff was going to send people out to beat DX up or what else might happen. Highlights from the comments are below.

On whether he heard rumors about them showing up:

“I heard nothing about it. If I would have known about it, listen. My body of work in that period of time speaks for itself. Had I known that they were coming, I would have had the door open. I would have instructed doug Dillinger to instruct his security crew to make sure that they could make their way to the ring. Because that would have been amazingly good TV on my network. There’s no way I would have had ten guys — Russo’s so full of s**t. That’s just again, him making himself sound more dramatic, smarter, more creative. We had no idea they were coming. Had I known they were coming, I would have invited them into the ring. And we would have let the cards fall where they may. Because nothing would have happened! These guys wouldn’t have beat the s**t out of each other. They were all friends! The boys didn’t have a dog in the hunt. They could care less.”

On if he was concerned that DX coming in would have hurt the credibility of the WCW vs. WWE war:

“No, absolutely not! Why would I have cared? Would I have cared if the WWE, to try and get — you’ve got to remember, again, context is freaking king here. People, you can believe me, you can not believe me, you can think I’m trying to put myself over. But just for a fraction of a second, put yourself in my shoes. WWE a year and a half before that, two years before that, Vince McMahon’s M.O. was, ‘Never acknowledge the competition. Don’t put ’em over.’ Hell, he selling like a b***h! I would have loved to have him have his crew show up on my show. It would have been awesome! Talk about selling, my god! It would have been perfect.”

(Pro Wrestling & MMA World)

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