Moxley on an incident when he was WWE champion on Smackdown

May 29, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck

Jon Moxley talks about an incident when he was WWE champion on Smackdown…

“I was the lead face on Smackdown as WWE champion and I was handed a script one day of me describing the things I did on my way to the arena. They were ridiculous and things a cool person or a relatable person wouldn’t do.

These were the things an idiot would do. Like driving backwards in street. So I say I’m not saying that. We have to change it. So an hour later the writer comes back and Vince kept all that stuff in there. So i’m like now I gotta go in and talk to Vince.

And Vince says “Its such good sh*T! This is the reason people like you and they connect to you because you’re different.”

So i’m an idiot? Vince replied “No no its you! you’re different”

source: Talk is Jericho

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