Jon Moxley on the Raw after Survivor Series

May 29, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck

source: Talk is Jericho

“Were in LA its the Raw after Survivor Series. Its an early start 5 pm. So I get there around noon and I working with Seth i’m the bad guy.

Writers come up to me with a bunch of scripts and Seth throught out the night will be challenging me to a fight in the ring but I’ll be popping up on the screen. And cut various promos. I had 6 of them.

So they hand me these scripts and it’s typical WWE scripts with a bunch of big words a bunch of goofy words and none of it makes any sense. We’re not telling any kind of tangible story or doing anything to get any kind of characters over. Nothing that makes any sense to me.

But I’m most concerned about the promo in the ring I have to cut at the end of the night. Segment 16. So I read the promo and again it’s absolutely hot garbage awful crap. Can’t make any sense of it. But it was basically that the fans were smelly, foul, and disgusting. It’s a bunch a crap about insulting the audience.

It’s not getting over and I’m confused but the thing that catches my eye the most is a joke about a popper scooper. And I’m like no I’m not saying that lets change it. I asked the writer did Vince write this? Well I don’t know. So we decide to change it before it gets printed and Vince reads it and says “Oh you gotta say popper scooper that’s such good sh*t!”

So let’s hurry up and take the line out. Without the pooper scooper cause it’s too embarrassing to say. And I tell the writer if we didn’t have to run around not making ourselves look like idiots we could actually sit down and tell a story.

Later in the day I get a note from VKM stating “Dean needs to understand why has to insult the audience. Dean needs to read his promo and not try to rewrite them”

I yelled at the writer and said why do I work here?! I’m a professional wrestler who can tell stories and come up with my own promos and have the ability to talk people into buildings.

Vince just wants someone to stay his stupid lines. If he wants that just hire actors. They’ll probably do a better job than me.”

(The Spotlight)

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