Chris Jericho Talks About One Of His Only Meetings With Owen Hart

May 29, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck

In the latest episode of Talk is Jericho, Chris Jericho spoke with Dave Meltzer about Owen Hart and Jericho revealed that he only actually met Owen once or twice, then described a meeting the two had on a flight, as well as the conversation they shared.

He said: “I only ever met him twice. Once in an airport. Never ran into him in New Japan because you figure he was in WWE from 88 or whatever it was, he was in Mexico, UWA, which I never was there at the same time…never ran into him in New Japan. So I saw him once at an airport because I lived in Calgary obviously as did the guys, and one great memory I have is I got to fly from Calgary to Los Angeles…I was on my way to go to Japan, he was on his way for a PPV…and we sat together for the whole flight. I remember we had a great conversation. Talked for the three hours and I think both of us kinda wanted to go to sleep but we had a great conversation. Who flies to a PPV day of the show? And that’s what he was doing. He said, ‘Bret’s mad at me because if I’m late, I’m in trouble.’

But he would want to spend as much time at home as he could and all he had was a little hand carry bag and I said, ‘why’s that’. He said, ‘Because when I get home I don’t want to wait for my bags. I just want to go straight through customs and go home.’

And the one advice he gave me that I still use to this day and this was back in 1994 was…we were talking about being late for the airport and how much stress there is…he said, ‘Always get there early. Get there 10-20 minutes early rather than 5-10 minutes late. Get there early, have a coffee, you can relax.’ And I still always do that. I get to the airport probably twenty minutes earlier than I should, which is early, so I don’t have to worry about it and have that coffee and just thank Owen Hart for the advice.”

(Pro Wrestling & MMA World)

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