Alexa Bliss Would Love To Wrestle In Saudi Arabia

May 28, 2019 - by James Walsh

Alexa Bliss did an interview with SkySports where she discussed wrestling in Saudi Arabia.

“I would love to [have a match in Saudi Arabia]. I was very nervous at first with the match in Abu Dhabi because I didn’t know how we were going to be received but it was actually incredible. The crowd was all for our women being there and having that title match. I had an amazing time and I would love to be able to be have a match in Saudi Arabia if given the opportunity. Women have never competed there in any aspect so it would be awesome to entertain there and break down barriers. It shows that our business is global. It was awesome for Renee to have that opportunity and it was such a huge deal. To be given that opportunity would be incredible. It’s on a global stage at that point. It would be the first time women would be perceived in a certain light.”

Women are still not permitted to wrestle in Saudi Arabia and will not be apart of next week’s Super ShowDown. It remains to be seen if Renee Young will make the trip again.

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