RAW RESULTS FOR May 27, 2019 from Kansas City, MO

May 27, 2019 - by staff

With Super ShowDown in a little over a week, how will things shape up? Who will Brock Lesnar decide to cash in on? Who will leave RAW with the 24/7 Championship? The answers to these questions and more, tonight! This is “The Real Deal” Billy Rouse, welcome to the Raw Zone!

Note: partial results credit to WrestleZone



The show kicks off with a backstage video of Lesnar & Heyman.


Kofi Kingston’s music hits and the WWE Champion heads to the ring.


Kofi has a mic and addresses last week on SmackDown. Big E is reinjured. Dolph didn’t finish the job. Kofi says tonight he was here for Brock Lesnar. The only way he’ll be the greatest WWE Champion of all time is to beat Lesnar. Kofi is begging Brock to cash in on him tonight. BURN IT DOWN and Seth Rollins comes out to beg Lesnar for the same thing. Rollins says he’s better than Brock. He doesn’t want to wait around, shades of Brock at WrestleMania. Their wish is granted, as Lesnar & Heyman head to the ring. Brock has outfitted the MITB briefcase with a pair of speakers and is acting like it’s a boom box. Heyman is in the corner playing air guitar to Seth’s theme. Seth gets annoyed and leaves the ring. Heyman gets the mic and says Rollins ruined their “Brock Party.” Heyman says blame Rollins as they leave. Ziggler ambushes Kofi and hits a Zigzag on the entrance ramp. Xavier Woods comes out for the save and Dolph bails.


Back from the break and Ziggler assaults Woods. Woods is pummeling Dolph. Kofi is being helped to the back. Dolph cheapshots Xavier. Woods fights out into the crowd. Dolph gets trashed. Dolph grabs a steel chair and smashes Woods with it. Kofi runs back out with another chair as Dolph tries to Pillmanize Woods. Ziggler bails Out and runs.


Back from the break and New Day is in the ring with a chair. Dolph comes out and says he thought he knew Kofi. Nope. He wasted his time worrying about Brock when he should’ve worried about Ziggler. Dolph called Kofi the best he remembers. He admires Kofi because he’s had two friends with him since day 1. What happens when Dolph takes that title? What happens to Kofi’s fans? Dolph repeats it should’ve been him in Kofi’s spot at Mania. At Super ShowDown though, it will be him.


AJ Styles has been injured, so Corbin is in the four way.


The Uso’s are hosting a Memorial Day block party for fans & wrestlers.


backstage interview with Charly Caruso & Shane McMahon. Shane heads to the ring with Drew McIntyre for the first match of the night.

Video package on the history between Triple H and Randy Orton

Shane has a mic and talks about the McMahon family and the Anoa’i Dynasty. Shane says Roman doesn’t know about respect. Brings up a man attacking another man’s dad. Lists a number of Samoan wrestlers, including Roman’s dad Sika. Shane challenges any member of the Anoa’i Dynasty to a match.

Shane McMahon VS Lance Anoa’i (Roman’s cousin, Samu’s son)

McIntyre cheapshots Lance & destroys him before the bell even rings. The bell rings and Shane starts throwing bombs. Lance fired up for a bit, but Shane regains control and locks in the triangle armbar. Shane wins.

Winner via submission: Shane McMahon

Shane said the biggest mistake Sika ever made was spawning Reigns. Drew tried to intercept a charging Roman and gets Superman Punched. Shane gets Superman Punched, but McIntyre saves him from the Spear. Roman checks on Lance and tells Shane it’s personal now. Shane & Drew are shown backstage fleeing.


Back from the break and Brock & Heyman come back out. An official is in the ring, so Cole & Graves are speculating that Lesnar could cash in tonight. Heyman does his usual schtick and he announces it’s time to state the cash in attempt. BURN IT DOWN and Seth Rollins comes back out. Seth says the Universal Championship is his life, and Brock is making a mockery of it. Brock used to be the most feared man in combat sports history, and now is a coward who hides behind Heyman. Heyman reads the contract out loud.Brock says he has a whole year, so “Seth Rollins, screw you.” Heyman & Lesnar walk off. R-Truth & Carmella run from the crowd as Eric Young and a few others chase them.


Backstage interview with Charly Caruso & AJ Styles.  Styles is not able to compete. He’s gonna be out…. and Corbin assaults Styles.


Becky Lynch’s music hits, and it’s time for Women’s Tag Team action!


Peyton Royce takes Nikki Cross to the mat and grounds her. Cross rolls up Royce for a near fall. Royce maintains control and slams Cross down. Cross almost tags in Lynch but Royce drags her away and tags in Billie Kay. Cross takes Kay down with a head lock and dives onto the IIConics outside the ring.

Cross dodges a strike from Kay and tags in Becky Lynch, who clears house. She takes Royce down with a dive and slams her, too. She attacks Royce in the corner and hits a diving leg drop. Kay breaks up the pin. Kay drops Cross with a big boot. Royce gets a near fall on Lynch, who pins her after a Rock Bottom-like slam.

Winners: Becky Lynch and Nikki Cross


Lacey Evans comes to ringside after the match but quickly walks back up the ramp.

At the Usos’ party, Naomi has a brief confrontation with Tamina before they hug. The Revival crash the party and say the Usos showed some class by inviting them. The Usos argue with them before Naomi says she invited Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder. She says they can put aside their differences at the party. They angrily shake hands.


Ricochet VS Cesaro

Richochet gets in some offense and dives over the ropes onto Cesaro before a commercial break. Cesaro grounds Ricochet with a modified abdominal stretch but Ricochet fights out of it. Ricochet sunset flip countered, a throw gets a two. Rib stomp by Cesaro gets a two. Ricochet counters the backslide and hits Cesaro in the jaw. Top rope dive gets a two. Standing shooting star press for a two. Cesaro is in the impact area, but he gets up for an uppercut before he can get the 630 off. Superplex countered, 630 countered, diving uppercut gets a two. Cesaro goes for a military press powerbomb and it’s countered into a Code Red. Ricochet dumped outside. Ricochet gets a twisting hurricanrana and wins.

Winner via pinfall: Ricochet


Next week, Rey Mysterio will forfeit the United States Championship due to injury. Joe’s music hits and he comes out to gloat. They don’t, however, say Mysterio is going to return the belt to Joe.


Outside at the block party, Revival and The Uso’s are playing cornhole.


Video promos from The Miz & Braun Strowman


Braun’s music hits and it’s time to decide Rollins’ opponent for Super ShowDown!


Fatal Four Way Elimination Match for the Number One Contender To Seth Rollins

Braun Strowman VS The Miz VS Baron Corbin VS Bobby Lashley

The bell rings and we’re underway. Lashley flatliner to Miz. Lashley tries to knock down Braun, but it’s a power game. Double team on Strowman by Lashley & Corbin. Strowman posted. Miz hits the It Kicks on  Lashley & Corbin. Miz gets planted for a two. Lashley with a liver shot to Miz. Lashley botched a neckbreaker on Miz. Miz & Corbin inside, Braun & Lashley outside. Miz blocking the superplex by Lashley. Double superplex attempt turned into the Tower of Doom. Two count only. Braun is favoring his wrist. Dropkick by Strowman. Here comes the Revolution Wrecker. Braun intercepted by Lashley. Miz thrown into the barricade. Double suplex on the ramp to Strowman. Delayed vertical suplex to Miz for a two. Suplex countered and Miz is fighting back. Corner kicks for Lashley, double knees trio and Miz gets Deep Sixed for a two. Strowman headbutts Lashley & Corbin. Runaway Train to Corbin & Lashley knocks them outside. Running tackle to Corbin. Lashley dives on Braun. Lashley lawn darted into the crowd. Braun & Lashley are fighting through the crowd. Miz gets a two. Roll up gets another two for Miz. Double knees pair leads to End of Days and the pin. They announce Corbin as the winner, despite Lashley & Strowman never being eliminated.


Coming up later, Corey Graves hosts The Electric Chair with Sami Zayn


Firefly Fun House is up next


The block party is in full swing. R-Truth showed up and all hell broke loose.


Firefly Fun House

Bray greets us and asks if we enjoyed his secret. He calls him “The Fiend” and says he’s here to protect us. Abby calls Wyatt a sicko. Wyatt puts on a doctor outfit and calls her a bully. Abby doesn’t want to be stuck in this limbo.


Sami Zayn’s music hits and it’s time for The Electric Chair with Corey Graves. Zayn is the first guest.

Graves says the questions come from the WWE Universe.

The first question is from Eric. When is your retirement date? Sami asks if his parents are related.


Does Zayn miss the Gingersnaps team of him & Lynch from MMC? No real answer


How does it feel when Braun Strowman destroys you? Zayn would rather punch the fan in the face.


Sami is disappointed


Why has Zayn not won the Universal Championship yet since his return? He’s not interested in it yet. Drops an AEW mention. Sami is asked what the result of a match between him & Rollins, but before he can answer, Rollins comes out. The match has been made official and it’s next!


The bell rings and the match begins. Seth hits a running back elbow. Zayn getting chopped in the corner. A bit of fighting outside and Zayn rolls out of the ring. Back in the ring and Zayn is trying to beg off. Wrist manipulation by Rollins. Corner kicks put Zayn on his butt. Zayn with a clothesline. Rollins getting stomped. Rear chin lock grounds Seth. Sami is hammering Seth. Zayn hits another clothesline. Trio of head kicks by Zayn. Sami hitting right hands and a knock down for a two. Running clothesline knocks Sami inside out and Rollins gets posted. Sami is in control after the break. Suplex gets a two. Another suplex is countered. Superkick on Zayn. Both men down. Dueling punches, Slingblade. Blockbuster and Zayn rolls outside. Rollins hits the suicide dive pair. Seth landed on his left leg wrong. Buckle Bomb countered for a DDT and a two. Zayn stomps on the knee, but ate the turnbuckle. Avada Kedavra, stomp countered, figure four leglock. Seth reverses the pressure. Blue Thunder Bomb countered, step up enziguiri, Revolution knee countered into a Blue Thunder Bomb for a two. Superplex blocked. Headbutt knocks Zayn to the mat. Frog splash countered for a two and a half. Dueling punches again. Burn it Down Stomp hit. Seth is screaming “This is my life!” Burn it Down Stomp again for the pin.

Winner via pinfall: Seth Rollins

show ends with Seth holding up the Universal Championship.


My Thoughts: overall a great show. Dolph Ziggler plays the desperate egomaniac very well. Lesnar’s storyline is an interesting one.

To address a comment someone made last week, my nickname was questioned. The Real Deal was my next to last ring name I used. The reason I bring it back is that unlike a lot of these writers on the bigger sites, I’ve taken bumps, spent time in the business and given my health to it. The name is more than just a nickname or a character. I’m “The Real Deal” because I’ve done what the wrestlers have.

for Steve and the rest of the site, This is “The Real Deal” Billy Rouse. Good night folks!

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