Cody On His Executive Role In AEW: ‘I Was Tailor-Made For This Job’

May 25, 2019 - by James Walsh

In an interview with Jack Whitehall for ITV, Cody Rhodes spoke about taking on the dual role of being an executive vice president for AEW while still wrestling at the same time. Here are highlights:

On becoming an EVP for AEW: “I feel like I was tailor-made for this job. It’s like my dream job, but I never thought anything like that would come, never thought anything like any of this would come up. This is like inconceivable. I have loved wrestling my whole life, I was born around wrestling, I spent a decade with WWE. But the idea that…if you tell anyone in our world about what’s happening…with the announcement with ITV, the announcement with Turner, if you say any of this to them, it shocks them. Nothing like this has happened in two decades and this is even bigger than what happened then. It’s just wild.”

On growing up with Dusty Rhodes: “His prime was before I even became impressionable, I was 5 years old when he was pretty much retired. I was always so proud of what he did as a booker, idea man, an executive. He wanted to make movies. That’s the way he looked at wrestling. ‘I want to make movies with these guys. Either physical action here in the ring just like this. I want it to be on the same level. Because sometimes entertainment can look down a little on pro wrestling. Man, when it’s done right, it’s just as good as anything out there in how it makes you feel. He was really good at making people little mini projects. Some of them were disasters. You know, White Castle of Fear…disaster. But then there are these other moments where he made guys’ careers.”

On working with the rest of the Elite: “The group I’m surrounded with…Matt, Nick, The Young Bucks…Kenny…they’re also my heroes. They’re my peers. But man, the fact that we linked up together to do this…we have polar opposite ideas on what wrestling should be. The fact that we stuck together…Hangman too, Hangman Adam Page, those guys…it’s real competitive, but in a good way.”

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