X-Pac forgot to thank Kane in his HOF Speech, reveals Owen Hart’s retirement plan

May 23, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck

Sean ‘X-Pac’ Waltman guested on tonight’s episode of “The NotSam Network’s The Tomorrow Show with Keven Undergaro & Roxy Striar”, and remembered Owen Hart, raved about Cathy Kelley, and revealed his favorite NXT Superstar.

Sean reveals what Owen Hart’s retirement plan was

“He [Owen Hart] was ready to call it a day in the, in the next few years. He had just, he had just paid for a house… gotten a house for the family, ya know, on the lake… All those things that you’re–you’re working towards right? He had achieved those things and he was about ready to cash in and get the f–k out”
When asked if Owen would have made it 2 more years wrestling, Sean said:
“Oh yeah. Yeah. Yup.”

Who Sean forgot to thank in his HOF speech & how he made it right

“I felt so guilty because he [Kane] was one of the people that I wanted to thank so badly in my Hall of Fame speech and I didn’t, and I was so f–king down on myself. That was another thing. I was so down on myself for the people that I didn’t thank that I wanted to…This lady Phyllis Lee. She’s the one that talked the Great Malenko into being my wrestling teacher. And she was the first one that believed in me in wresting… And Kev [Undergaro], I was so f–king round up. If I didn’t make eye contact with you and Maria [Menounos], I would have f–king forgot that, too…I told him [Kane] how upset I was and he was like, ‘I, I just appreciate you even just telling me that.’ I mean, he was so cool about it and he really was one of the people.”

Sean believes Cathy Kelley is currently THE best

“Just her demeanor. Her attitude that comes through. The energy, everything…she doesn’t overshadow, even though she’s drop dead gorgeous and f–king looks amazing and all of that, she doesn’t take away from like, it’s still the focus is on, on like the stars… She’s a superstar Kev [Undergaro]…I could see like her having her own line of makeup…She’s amazing… Of anyone in that role, she’s the best…I’ll say it to everyone’s face, she’s better than everyone there…At interviewing people. Behind, Backstage stuff. No one’s even close.”

Sean shares his favorite NXT Superstar

“Matt Riddle…He’s a prodigy… He’s a huge wrestling fan.”

What it would take today for Sean to wrestle again

“They gotta be meaningful matches. Not just for a payoff…A big deal. Like, Wrestlemania match…Just Wrestlemania. It could be something like that…I didn’t mean just Wrestle–, but WWE, something big…If I promoted my own show and I wrestled on it.”

Sean calls BS on Wendi Richter not knowing it was Moolah under the Spider Lady Mask

“I can’t believe that she [Wendi Richter] didn’t know it was Moolah when they were in the ring. Bullsh-t…Because who the f–k did she think was under the mask before they went out? She was playing this like it was, like; the way she was talking was like she was still trying to protect the business like it was a shoot. You know, nobody walks excepts–unless you’re Mil Máscaras, Mil Máscaras, or one of these old school Lucha Libre guys– you’re not walking around in the f–king back with your mask on. You’re not putting the match together wearing a mask so no one can tell who you are…And apparently, I don’t know, didn’t want to lose or something…It’s f–king horrible…it looks like it was a double cross, oh yeah, because it was so fucking sloppy and there wasn’t even, like, her shoulders weren’t down. Yeah, for sure it was a double cross.”

The #1 female wrestler from the past who could keep up with the women today

“Back then, she [Madusa] was as good as these girls…Fuck yes! And they’re great now, but, she was just as good as any of them. I dare somebody to f–king tell me different…She never had a complete roster of women to work with.”

Sean explains why he is a teacher and not a coach (and what the difference is)

“I was down at the performance center in Orlando. They call it guest coaching. But I’m not a coach, I’m a teacher. Difference…‘Cause I’m not the one going ‘Hey. Hit the ropes back and forth, f–king twenty pushups now!’…It’s a big difference…I can take somebody and go ‘Ok this is why you do this, this is why you do that’. Not just run people through drills…‘Cause they just bunch it all together and it’s not the same thing.”

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