Former WWE Superstar: “They micromanage everything”

May 23, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck

TJ Perkins reveals how miserable he was working in WWE as part of the 205 Live roster.

Sportskeeda recently interviewed former WWE Superstar TJ Perkins. Below are some highlights.

TJ Perkins on WWE lacking transparency and micromanaging everything:

“There’s not much transparency with their administration. They micromanage everything and have layers of ‘fall guys’ in place to absorb everything. But I always had a direct line with Vince, ever since day one. All three years I was there, I never hesitated to knock on his door and speak to him face to face – and he always was available to me for that. I learned a lot from him, he listens to everything, considers everything, and I couldn’t ask for more in regards to all that. Some people that have issues with the company I think really have issues with being told, ‘No.’ I’ve always subscribed to the idea that it’s not my money or my investment. It’s his. So it’s not up to me to decide what’s right for him. I can just suggest what I think is best in regards to what I’m involved in and he decides what he will do from there. I’m disheartened at the lack of priority for my community and Asians in general, and my goals, but I would never have a problem being told, ‘No.’ I can make any situation work. My unhappiness mostly stemmed from the culture of the lower administration. The micromanaging from writers and producers and the way guys are played favorites and manipulated. It makes the job not fun.”

TJ Perkins on being miserable dealing with 205 Live creative:

“My favorite times were dealing with Vince or Hunter directly. They were always kind and fair. But dealing with the 205 producer and creative was miserable. I used to love wrestling. For 20 years, I loved it. Never fell out of love with it until 205. No matter how bad life was before, I always looked forward to going to the ring for 5-30 minutes on any given night, any given year. But the last few years, I would show up to the arena and wonder how my match that night will be wrestled for me, through a referee’s two-way headset. I would be in the ring and often be watching the match unfold just like anyone else on the other side of the guard rail.”

(Pro Wrestling & MMA World)

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