Vince on signing Mero/Sable: “I’m glad we’re signing Marc, because she’s the money”

May 22, 2019 - by James Walsh

Jim Ross recalled Vince McMahon’s reaction to meeting Sable and more on the latest Grilling JR podcast. Mero signed with WWE in March of 1996, when he was married to Sable. Mero got an early push but Sable soon eclipsed him in popularity, and his push subsequently stalled. Highlights are below:

On why Vince was initially high on Mero: “Vince, I think, was a fan of the Johnny B. Badd character that Dusty Rhodes created down in WCW. And to Marc’s credit, he played off that Little Richard thing really well. And so that was the sizzle, the steak, the sports entertainment package that Vince embraces more often than not. And Marc was a well-spoken guy, very well-conditioned guy, looked good. But I remember meeting with him, and he brought his wife with him. And that flipped the switch. All bets were off now.”

On Vince’s reaction to Sable: “We all left the meeting, I showed him [Marc Mero] out, thanked them [Marc and Sable] for being there, make sure their ride was good and all that. So here I get a call, THE McMahon. Okay, here I come. He said, ‘Did you see what I saw?’ [laughs] ‘Yes, I think I did. I think I did.’ He said, ‘I’m glad we’re signing Marc, because she’s the money.’ I said, ‘I think you’re right.’ And I wasn’t just ass-kissing, she had ‘it.’”

On getting Sable up and running: “You go back and look at that era man, of Rena (Sable) and she was so brand-new. She didn’t know how to be what she was supposed to be. Nobody was giving her a lot of instruction. I’ll say this, back in those days, to help bring a woman along, the only thing I could do is make sure that the people she’s surrounded with — like the Ivorys and Jackie Moores and Jazz and a lot of those ladies — that had experience. They were the ones I was relying on to help Rena raise her game. And to Rena’s credit, she was in great shape. She was a cardiovascular machine. She just didn’t know the wrestling business. Rena was — in all due respect to Marc, Rena was the person or the object that flipped the switch on getting Marc under a brighter light.”

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