5/21/19 Smackdown Live Recap

May 21, 2019 - by Achal Mohindra

SmackDown Results May 21
Providence, Rhode Island

Before we go live we see Shane McMahon in the back, and Elias comes in and complained about what happened at Money in The Bank and says he lost focus and got punched and I lost to Roman Reigns. Elias says I am going to be in your corner at Super Showdown, Shane says I don’t need you in my corner but I will be in yours tonight.

Commentators welcome us to SmackDown, We are told Sami Zayn Vs Kofi Kingston later tonight

New Day music hits and WWE Champion Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods come out to the ramp. Xavier says after six long weeks tonight marks return of Big E. They go to the back bring someone covered in a cloth and it is revealed and it is not Big E, New Day tell him to leave.  Kofi says as I am saying here is the real Big E. Big E comes out and they walk down to the ring. Big E is about to speak and he says I missed my boys and The WWE Universe. Big E says he wants Becky Lynch mother, Xavier says she is taken, Kofi says this Sunday Brock Lesnar became MITB, Xavier says Kofi defeated Kevin Owens to retain title. Kofi says it is not about me but my brother Big E is back.

Music of Kevin Owens hits, and he comes out and then Sami Zayn music hits and he comes out, Sami says can you believe this nonsense, how long were you gone 6 weeks and I got nothing for being out 9 months. Big E says we will give Sami Zayn something and that is what Kevin Owens got Sunday gone and that is nothing. Kevin Owens leaves. Sami says I missed my chance to win MITB, this whole celebration is disgusting by distracting people with pancakes, hip swivels, the crowd create a toxic culture, As long as (Xavier blows trumpet stopping Sami speaking) Sami says have fun and mark my words, your night will not end in fun, and beat you in front of friends and this crowd, Kofi say don’t let the pancakes fool you, when we throw down we throw down, I am walking right through you, Big E says Because New Day Rocks.

Still to come: Becky Lynch and Bayley Vs Lacey Evans and Charlotte Flair, MITB Rematch between Roman Reigns and Elias.

Backstage we see Carmella being asked if she has seen R-Truth, she says no and then walks into R-Truth who is in a wig, R-Truth says I need your help and she agrees.

Commercial break

Singles Match
Ali Vs Andrade w/Zelina Vega

Match starts with them brawling, Ali in control but is dropped with a short clothesline for a 2 count, Andrade with chop to Ali, Ali drops Andrade with a reverse frankensteiner take down, Ali with a elbow to Andrade, Ali climbs to the top but Zelina distracts him and Andrade pulls him off a we go commercial break

Commercial break

When we return Ali drops Andrade with a DDT,  Ali dives through rope onto Andrade,  then does a moonsault over top to the outside, Andrade sends Ali into barricade and Ali falls to the floor. Ali back in at 7 and Andrade stomping on back of Ali, Snap suplex and nails 3 Amigos but stops and tosses Ali into turn buckle. Andrade rams Ali into the ringpost, and then tosses him into timekeeper’s area. Ali got back in the ring at referees 9 count, Ali is in the corner and does double knees to back of Ali but only gets a two count, Andrade looks shocked. Ali rolls up Andrade out of nowhere for the win.

Winner via Pinfall: Ali

We see Carmella who has dressed R-Truth to look like her.

Womens Division Singles Match
Mandy Rose Vs Carmella

Carmella in control and Sonya saves Mandy, Carmella rolls Mandy in the ring and then kicks her and then brings Sonya Deville into the ring and beats her down and then Carmella comes in and kicks Mandy Rose and is about to go for the pin but tons of superstars run down after R-Truth with referees.

No Contest

Charly Caruso interviews SmackDown Womens Champion Bayley about her win this past Sunday about winning and cashing in Money in The Bank Successfully. Bayley says I would do it again with a heartbeat, I created my own opportunity and Bayley has moved past the hugs and wants everyone to bring their best.

Backstage we see Carmella take R-Truth in the womens locker room then runs and superstars follow him. We see Sami Zayn laughing.

We go backstage and see Big E down and being attended to. Xavier tells Kofi deal with Sami I will look after Big E

Non-Title Singles Match
WWE Champion Kofi Kingston Vs Sami Zayn

Kofi runs down and beats down on Zayn and Zayn regains control tossing Kingston out the ring. Sami Zayn sends Kofi Kingston into the steps, Zayn in control of Kingston, Kofi regains control with dropkick to Sami Zayn.

When we return Sami Zayn in control of Kingston, Zayn dropped by Kingston with high knees. Kofi goes for Trouble in Paradise countered into Blue Thunder Bomb countered into SOS for the win.

Winner via Pinfall WWE Champion Kofi Kingston

After the match Paul Heyman comes out with the briefcase and taunts Kofi Kingston until we see Dolph Ziggler appear out of nowhere and attacks Kofi Kingston beating him down and sends him head first into the ring post. Ziggler hooks a Boston Crab in the corner, Ziggler sends Kingston over the announce table and then grabs a chair and puts it around his head and rams him into the announce table. Referees and medics come and check on Kofi Kingston, then Dolph Ziggler returns wraps chair around head of Kingston and steps on it. Medics call for a stretcher. EMTs carry Kofi Kingston out on a stretcher.

As he is being wheeled up the ramp he gets of the stretcher and walks off on his own.

Commercial break

We see Roman Reigns walking backstage and we see Elias on top of a truck playing his guitar and sings a song mocking Roman Reigns and people of Providence.

Charly Caruso interviews Becky Lynch about losing one belt, Bayley says I like idea of Bayley 2 Belts, then Becky says when we are done I am coming after you, Bayley says I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Commercial break

Womens Division Tag Team Match
SmackDown Womens Champion Bayley and Raw Womens Champion Becky Lynch Vs Lacey Evans and Charlotte

When we return match is underway, Charlotte in control of Bayley, Bayley hangs Charlotte on the rope and misses her running knee, Charlotte with a boot to Bayley, Charlotte wraps Bayley in ropes with her hair, Lacey tagged in and has a hammerlock hooked on Bayley, Flair tagged in, Charlotte stomping on Bayley, Charlotte sends Bayley into corner and then drops Bayley and stops Bayley tagging by dropping Lynch, Evans tagged in and boots to Bayley, Flair tagged in. Bayley drops Flair down and Bayley goes for a tag but Charlotte prevents but is blocked, Lynch tagged in.

Lynch climbs to the top and nails a drop kick on Charlotte, then kick to face of Flair and then drops Evans, and forearm from middle rope to Flair, followed by Bexploder Suplex, Flair regains and sends Lynch into corner and does hanging knee drop. Charlotte goes for Figure 4 but blocked and then blocked and then Charlotte tries to roll up Lynch with rope but referee detects it and stops and Evans in with the Last Right Slap, then Bayley comes in and nails Bailey to Belly for the win.

Winners via Pinfall SmackDown Womens Champion Bayley and Raw Womens Champion Becky Lynch

We see R-Truth and Carmella running, then we see Jinder Mahal trying to pin but blocked then running again and B-Team try to get fall but R-Truth escapes.

Commercial break

We see Dolph Ziggler walking backstage and Sarah Schriver stops and interviews him and says I am not going to answer you but answer the WWE Universe, Ziggler takes the microphone and walks out to the crowd.

Dolph Ziggler comes out and says I know, I would boo me if I was out there, this goes way back, when Ali got hurt, Kofi got an opportunity and took advantage and it should have been me, he ran the gauntlet after 11 years he became an overnight success and should have been me and he won at Elimination Chamber and it should have been me, he then went to WrestleMania and won the title when it should it have been me while I was at home watching, an everyday since becoming WWE Champion has out performed every critic and you all respect and admire him and it should have been me and that is why I did what I did and had no choice, at WWE Super Showdown I will beat Kofi Kingston for WWE Championship and each of you wil respect and love me.

We see a video package about the past between Randy Orton and Triple H leading to match at Super Showdown

Shane comes out and introduces Elias.

Commercial break

Singles Match
Roman Reigns Vs Elias w/Shane McMahon

Reigns with chops to Elias sends him outside and then comes out and a big right hand to Elias and nails a drive by drop kicks, Roman chases after Shane but backs away and then a low blow by Elias and a DDT by Elias for a two count. Elias stomping on Reigns, Elias sends Reigns into ringpost.

Commercial break

When we return Roman Reigns is in control and nailed a clothesline, Elias dropped with a boot, Roman Reigns goes for a spear but Shane McMahon stops it and a knee to Reigns, Reigns regains control and then a uppercut to Elias who is perched on top rope. Reigns goes for a Samoan Drop of the top rope but Elias countered and nailed a sit out powerbomb for a two count. Elias goes for Drift Away but countered with a headbutt and running knee by Elias countered into a Superman Punch but then Shane puts his foot on the rope. Roman then nails a Drive By on Shane McMahon and then Elias chases him and sends him into steps and back in the ring and nails a elbow drop of the top rope. Elias exposes a turnbuckle and then Shane distracts referee and then Elias exposes another one and then Shane passes a guitar to Elias but Elias is nailed with a Superman Punch for the win.

Winner via Pinfall: Roman Reigns

After the match Shane beats down Roman Reigns and tries to hit Reigns with the guitar but a Superman Punch to Shane McMahon and then Roman Reigns grabs the guitar to hit Shane McMahon but Drew McIntyre appears and drops Roman Reigns with a Claymore Kick. Shane raises hand of Drew McIntyre as SmackDown Ends.

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