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Coming off a red hot Money in the Bank, Mick Foley is here to introduce a new championship. Brock Lesnar is the Beast in the Bank. This is “The Real Deal” Billy Rouse. Let’s get started!


Brock Lesnar’s music hits as Lesnar & Paul Heyman head to the ring for a promo.

PPV RECAP: Men’s Money in the Bank ladder match

Heyman does his typical schtick and says he hears the paranoia permeating the room. He’s heard the conspiracy theories. Heyman says why not blame Lesnar for the JFK Assasination. When Rollins or Kofi is at a WWE arena, they are vulnerable to the “Ultimate Assasin in WWE.” The world isn’t against Rollins, Lesnar is against Rollins. This cues Rollins to come out in the arena and to the ring. Seth grabs a microphone. Seth should be ecstatic, but he’s not because he’s gotta see Lesnar with the MITB Contract. Seth is trying to be the champion that inspires people, which Brock didn’t have the guts to be. Seth challenges Brock to cash in right now. Heyman says this is Lesnar’s game of anticipation. Heyman mentions Becky Lynch main eventing Mania, making it personal. Who said Rollins is worthy of Brock cashing in on? Kofi’s music hits as he comes out to the ring. Kofi grabs a mic and yells “WILD CARD!” Kofi apologizes for the interruption and states his intention to be the best WWE Champion of all time. He congratulated Lesnar and asks Brock to cash in tonight on him. Heyman just realized they are both auditioning for a main event championship match with Lesnar. Rollins & Kofi aren’t done for the night. Lesnar & Heyman leave as Rollins & Kofi look on.


A limo pulls up backstage as Mick Foley gets out and greets the stars. In gorilla, Sami Zayn is trying to convince Lashley to soften up Strowman for him. Lashley declines and says good luck.


Sami Zayn comes out and it’s time to begin the in ring action against Braun Strowman next!


Backstage Kofi & Seth run into HHH & are informed they have a tag match against Corbin & Lashley tonight


The next PPV is Super ShowDown in Saudi Arabia June 7.

Sami Zayn VS Braun Strowman

Sami Zayn runs off before the match can begin. Sami tried to attack from behind and fails. They head to the stage. Braun carries Zayn out and gets posted twice. Sami hits the barricade back first and Strowman runs into the post. Strowman clothesline flattens Zayn. Running Powerslam for the squash win.

Winner via squash: Braun Strowman. Backstage Alexa & Nikki Cross are speaking. Lars Sullivan is shown heading to the ring for an in ring interview, his first time speaking on the main roster.


Charly Caruso is in the ring for the interview with Lars Sullivan.

Charly thanks Lars for his time and we go to a video package of Sullivan’s trail of destruction so far, including last night. Charly asks what Lars’ goals are as Lucha House Party hits the scene. Charly bails as LHP starts the trio attack. A trio dropkick knocks Sullivan out of the ring. Sullivan finally gets going and destroys LHP for the second time in as many nights. Sullivan trues for the running Liger Bomb and is countered.


PPV RECAP: Universal Championship match


Backstage AJ Styles is getting ready for an interview


Ricochet’s music hits as we go back to in-ring action!

Ricochet VS Cesaro is next!


PPV RECAP: Men’s MITB Ladder Match


Backstage pretape between Cesaro & Ricochet


Cesaro has new music.


Ricochet VS Cesaro

The bell rings and we’re underway! Cesaro backdrops Ricochet and Ricochet lands hard. Cesaro gets posted. Ricochet leaps and takes down Cesaro. Ricochet tries a second time and it bites him. Cesaro has Ricochet just punishing him. Irish whip, standing backflip off Cesaro’s shoulders, running headscissors. Crossbody countered with a European uppercut. Gorilla Press Backbreaker into the Neutralizer gets the pin.

Winner via pinfall: Cesaro


Referees are checking on Ricochet.


Backstage interview with Charly Caruso & AJ Styles. He’s going back to square one. Seth Rollins beat him fair. Baron Corbin interrupts and disrespects AJ. AJ hits back and so does Corbin. Baron calls last night’s Universal title match a slap in the face, and AJ slaps him silly.


Roman Reigns is Live on RAW next!


Backstage Kofi Kingston & Mick Foley are talking.

Roman has a mic. Before he can speak, Shane McMahon’s music hits as he comes out. Shane tells Roman to remember the yard is small beside the world. Shane talks about last night and says he’s officially done with The Miz, and he’s focusing on Reigns. Shane says Reigns disgusts him. Roman says he hates spoiled rich kids. Elias isn’t done with Roman. Reigns challenges Shane for tonight. Shane calls him brave and decides to ask the crowd if they wanna see  Shane VS Roman tonight. Huge pop. Shane backs out because he’s in control. Drew McIntyre’s music hits as Drew comes out. Shane accepts Reigns challenge for Super ShowDown. Reigns says after the PPV, Shane will be saying “I got my ass kicked by Roman Reigns.


Becky Lynch is shown backstage.

Brock Lesnar & Paul Heyman are shown backstage.

The Uso’s are on their way to the ring for tag team action.

The Uso’s VS The Revival is next!

Backstage, Shane & McIntyre are being interviewed by Sarah Schreiber when Mizinterrupts. When Miz is done with McIntyre, he’s coming back for Shane.

RAW RECAP: Uso’s rivalry with the Revival

Video promo by Revival

Jimmy & Jey Uso VS Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder

Dash hits one of the Uso’s before the bell and now Dawson is legal. Uso is getting creamed early. Assisted suplex gets a two count. Dawson gets elbowed as the legal Uso changes. Scott Dawson is thrown outside. Wilder has Jimmy  Uso in a rear chin lock. Dawson tags in and gets blitzed. Jey & Wilder tag in. Samoan Drop, Running Hip Attack, Crossbody gets a two count. Dash goes up top and gets clocked. Dawson tags in. Powerbomb into an elbow drop gets a two count. Forearm Uppercut and a pair of shots. Haymaker Party, backslide attempt, Jimmy tags in. Wilder hits a barricade assisted Tornado DDT outside and a two count. Jey tags in Superkick gets a two. Dash interferes. Dawson grabs the tights for the 3.


Winners via pinfall: The Revival


Backstage conversation between Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross. Revival comes in and interrupts. Nikki is smiling. Revival want to be on “Moment of Bliss”


Up next is the next episode of Fire Fly Funhouse!


Fire Fly Funhouse has a new intro

Bray greets us and says Let Me In.


Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross come out. It’s time for “A Moment of Bliss.”

A production assistant brings out two cups of coffee. Becky Lynch is introduced as the guest. Alexa welcomes Becky to the show. Nikki is playing the obsessed fan. Bliss asks how it feels to no longer be Becky Two Belts. Before Lynch can answer, The Iiconics come out and talk crap. Becky gives it back until Lacey Evans comes out. Lacey talks about last night. Alexa looks uncomfortable. Becky Lynch says Evans got half her attention last night and still tapped out. Nikki volunteers to partner with Lynch against Lacey Evans & The Iiconics. Alexa gets volunteered as the last third and the match heads to the ring.


The Iiconics & Lacey Evans VS Becky Lynch, Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross

Lynch starts with a throw on Billie Kay. Peyton tags in. Pin attempt gets Matrixed. Front face lock and Nikki tags in. Modified Stinger Splash into a running bulldog. Crossbody gets a two. Billie Kay tags in. Forearm knocks down Cross as Evans tags in. Royce tags in for two. Peyton with a cross face armbar. Evans tags in. Modified cravate. Royce tags in. Royce hits the post and Lynch tags in. Billie tries a roll up for a two. Lacey has walked off. Top rope clothesline, Alabama Jam gets the pin.

Winners via pinfall: Alexa Bliss, Nikki Cross & Becky Lynch

Backstage, Mick Foley is talking to EC3 and the Club. The new championship title will be unveiled next!


Mick Foley’s music hits as he comes out on stage with a WWE championship belt in it’s carrying bag draped over his shoulder. He says something is missing from RAW. We need to start getting RAW again. It takes a lot to be a champion. It’s something you give everything to. It’s an obsession. The championship is the new WWE 24/7 Championship. The title will be defended 24/7, falls count anywhere as long as a referee is present. Basically, it’s a new Hardcore Championship. The first champion gets crowned tonight. The title is open to every roster in WWE.


WWE 24/7 Championship Scramble

EC3, Mojo Rawley, Eric Young, Titus O’Neill, Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson, No Way Jose, Cedric Alexander are all involved. All they have to do is grab the belt. Drake Maverick is involved. Titus O’Neill grabs the belt!

Winner and new championship: Titus O’Neill

Robert Roode pins Titus and runs.

Winner and new 24/7 Champion: Robert Roode


RAW RECAP: Opening segment tonight.


The Miz is heading to the ring for our next match.


Backstage and the chase is still going for Robert Roode and the 24/7 Championship.


Drew McIntyre comes out, and Shane McMahon is accompanying McIntyre.

The Miz VS Drew McIntyre

The bell rings and we’re going. Miz leg kicks Drew. McIntyre knocks down Miz. Crossbody blocked and a jawbreaker by Miz. Miz slides out and drops Drew. Miz throws Drew in the ring & gets overpowered. Miz throwing shots in the corner and hits a big boot on McIntyre. McIntyre hits an overhead throw on Miz. Front face lock and a suplex gets a two count. Knife edge chop by Drew & an attempt is countered by Miz at a suplex to the floor. Atomic drop on the barricade and Miz is in the crowd. Suplex over the barricade by McIntyre. The Miz hits a modified sunset flip powerbomb. Right hands drive Drew into the corner and the corner It Kicks begin. McIntyre gets posted. Flying Clothesline hits, Two count. It Kicks and a hurricanrana. Inverted Alabama Slam gets a two count. Miz targeting the left knee. Figure four countered, Shane cheap shot, spinebuster, two count. Claymore Kick countered into a figure four leglock. A series of chops break up the submission. Miz hits a wrecking ball dropkick. McIntyre into the ramp barricade. Shane cheap shot, Claymore Kick and the pin.

Winner via pinfall: Drew McIntyre.

Postmatch, Shane attempts to hit the Coast To Coast, but Reigns comes out and hits the Superman Punch on Drew.


Backstage, the chase is STILL on for Robert Roode.

backstage interview with Charly Caruso, Kofi Kingston & Seth Rollins. Kofi said you have to multitask as WWE Champion. Rollins says nobody likes their opponents and makes a Hardy Boyz reference.


MITB RECAP: United States Championship match


Video promo from Samoa Joe. Samoa Joe wants Rey to simply hand over the US Title.


Backstage Robert Roode gets in the trunk of a car. R-Truth has a ref and pins Roode.

Winner and new 24/7 Champion: R-Truth.


Kofi’s music hits and it’s main event time!

PPV RECAP: WWE Championship match


Kofi Kingston & Seth Rollins VS Baron Corbin & Bobby Lashley


Baron & Lashley attack before the bell. Rollins is rolled in the ring and we are go. Rollins gets Deep Six for a two count. Lashley driving Kofi into the barricade outside. Seth hits the enziguiri and tags Kofi. Lashley tags in. Springboard on Lashley, Boom Drop. Kofi hits a double springboard 180 dive to Lashley. Lashley outside and the double team drives both opponents into the barricade. Corbin & Lashley are destroying Kofi & Seth. The announcers keep hyping that Lesnar is still in the building. Rollins hits a Slingblade. Corbin hits a chokeslam on the apron and buries Rollins in chairs. Chokebreaker on Kofi for a two count. Double Superplex attempt broken up with a chair. Seth with a springboard knee. Avada Kedavra to Corbin & Lashley. Kofi sends both opponents to the outside. Trouble in Paradise gets the pin. Postmatch Lashley hits a spear on Kofi & Seth each and grabs a steel chair. Lesnar’s music hits. Brock walks out and walks around the ring before jumping on the apron. Brock ultimately did not cash in. Heyman tells Brock that next week they will say who they are cashing in on.


My Thoughts: I’m not a fan of Lesnar having the briefcase at all. The rest of the show was mostly great. 24/7 Championship?! Just call it the Hardcore Championship and make people happy. For Steve Gerweck and the rest of the site, this is “The Real Deal” Billy Rouse. Goodnight!

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