Details On What Talent Was Told In Order To Keep Brock Lesnar A Secret Last Night

May 20, 2019 - by James Walsh

It was obvious that not many people saw Brock Lesnar’s appearance at Money in the Bank last night coming, and it turns out that WWE went to great lengths to keep the surprise a secret. We noted last night that the return was kept very quiet, with Lesnar kept hidden for most of the show. Only a small group of people reportedly knew he was there before he arrived at gorilla position. Of course, it was reported earlier today that the decision to even give him the win and the briefcase was only made last weekend.

PWInsider reports that WWE also kept a lot of their talent in the dark when it came to Lesnar’s return, to give you a better example of how far they went to keep the secret safe. None of the people in the ladder match itself were told that Brock Lesnar would be coming out for the end of the match. All they were told was that Ali would stand at the top of the ladder and somebody would tip it over, but they weren’t told who would come out to do so.

Meanwhile, some people in the company were told during the day that Ali would win the match, so it seems WWE was doing everything they could to keep Lesnar’s presence a secret.

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