Steve Austin Says Fan Attack in Germany Was a Shoot

May 19, 2019 - by James Walsh

WWE Hall of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin recently shared some footage and 2013 podcast clips where he tells a story about how Triple H saved him from a fan attack at a live event in Germany in the late 90s. The footage shows a fan rushing into the ring during a match between Austin and Triple H. The fan attacked Austin until Triple H interviewed and starting beating up the unknown man in question until security arrived to remove him from the ring area. Austin tweeted out the video of his incident along with his previous story of the incident, which you can see below.

One fan called Triple H attacking the fan disgusting, writing, “That is f–king disgusting. Regardless that fan could have had serious health issues 100lb heavier man on top of him filling him in, f–king ref kicking him in head, and then you retweet this like it’s something to be proud of, bunch of f–king s–t houses!” Austin then wrote in response, “Dude, shut up. Sissy.”

Another person on Twitter took exception to WWE Superstars taking “cheap shots” on a fan after they are already pinned down, citing the recent incident at the 2019 WWE Hall of Fame ceremony, where a fan entered the ring and tackled Bret Hart. This person wrote, “Seeing this and after seeing what happened at the Hall of Fame ceremony. With much regret I have to say that some people in WWE are a bunch of cheap shot taking bastards. If somebody’s already pinned down and you jump in there and punch or kick them that’s just chickens–t”

Austin then wrote in response on Twitter, “GW, I don’t know your background. Get out on the road with your buddy’s for 250+ days out of the year and you will see how protective you become of one another. Ain’t nothing chicken s–t about it. Bottom line.”

The user in question wrote back that Steve Austin was a “coward,” saying, “You mean to tell us a grown ass man such as yourself can’t handle a young adult and why must you try and kill them? Steve, you are a coward.”

Austin then tweeted out, “I’ve seen the video 50 times. I did not see anyone trying to be killed as you stated. Maybe watch it again a few times.” You can check out the full Twitter exchange below

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