Cathy Kelley on her WWE experience: “The first year was really hard”

May 19, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck

Cathy Kelley says her first year with WWE was hard:

“The first year was really hard and difficult to navigate for me. Being in WWE and now I am happy at a place career-wise and am at happy place personally, so I feel like it all came together, which is the best place to create content when you are happy and excited to do things. They probably get a little annoyed by me with all the things that I pitch. I think a lot of the things will happen eventually. The whole digital brand has grown so much, especially in the three years that I have been there. They don’t even have enough space in their office now. It’s such a good problem to have, with all the original shows, a lot of the projects that they have built out have been so good and successful that they have been putting them on the Network as well. We have gotten so many views where we are able to go out and create more projects because of the money that is coming in. There are more editors and producers and everyone else under the digital umbrella and I think it is only growing.”

source: NotSam Podcast with Sam Roberts

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