Will Ospreay: ‘’no interest’’ in working for WWE

May 18, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck

Will Ospreay has revealed he would ‘’absolutely not’’ sign an exclusive contract with AEW and has ‘’no interest’’ in working for WWE

Ospreay revealed that while he would like to work with the exciting new company, it would only be if they agreed to a deal with New Japan.

When asked if he would sign for the promotion, Ospreay had the following to say:

“Probably not. Unless, if NJPW does a little business deal with them. I hope they do, I really do. I’d love to do some work with AEW. But as far as ‘Would I sign a contract with AEW?’. Absolutely not”.

Ospreay then explained why he would not like to sign exclusively with the All Elite Wrestling:

“It requires me to move to America. It’s not that I don’t like America, it’s just I like Japan. I love everything about Japan. I love England as well. I wouldn’t get to see my family. Although, you could counter argue it- there could be some stuff.”

AEW has an absolutely fantastic roster with the likes of Cody, Chris Jericho, Kenny Omega, PAC, Young Bucks and the Lucha Bros just to name a few, and Ospreay expressed his concern of being “just another guy” if he were to sign now saying “if I went now, I would just be another guy in the pond.

While Ospreay might not have closed the door to working with AEW once he has accomplished all he wants to do in NJPW, he certainly made it clear that he does not want to work for WWE:

“I don’t want to work for WWE, it’s not for me. It’s just not for me. I love New Japan. I love everything about Japanese wrestling.”

(Pro Wrestling & MMA World)

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