Ricochet on Velveteen Dream feud: “I feel like that match could’ve went a year, two years”

May 18, 2019 - by James Walsh

The State of Combat podcast recently interviewed WWE Superstar Ricochet. Below are some highlights (per Fightful).

Ricochet on his chemistry against Velveteen Dream: “As far as NXT and WWE both, I would say, honestly, it would be the Dream. The stuff that Dream and I did… because before our TakeOver match, our whole buildup was just story stuff… I don’t even think — well we wrestled once but Lars came out there and he beat us up, but other than that little bitty interaction, we didn’t have a match the whole time until TakeOver so the buildup was all… just coming off of us and our story and stuff and I thought…. That for me was like the first time really in my career where fans were this excited about a match but I didn’t even wrestle the guy yet. It was all just build up, so that for me was one of the first times that has happened in my entire career so that’s one that just sticks out there for me and I think we’re just naturally good. Back and forth. He worked off me and I worked off him.”

Ricochet on his feud with Dream: “I feel like that match could’ve went a year, two years, just buildup. I even posted a picture on my Instagram of him and I and [the caption] read, ‘Sometimes you just have two guys come out and bring out the best in each other’ and like a once in a lifetime kind of feud thing and I think we found our new one. It was a cool feeling. Again, I’ve never had something like that before in my wrestling career.”

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