Tony Khan Says AEW Will NOT Have an Offseason

May 17, 2019 - by James Walsh

In a great article on Bleacher Report about AEW, Tony Khan talked about his role in AEW, as well as TV and touring schedules for the promotion. He noted that he doesn’t want AEW TV on Monday or Friday nights, doesn’t want it to go head-to-head with NFL games, that he won’t pay for TV time, confirms there won’t be an offseason, and that he’s committed to a lighter schedule for wrestlers.

Tony Khan on his AEW role: “I’m not taking a hands-off approach. We work together really closely, but I’m day to day managing the business. This is a very collaborative process. I talk to Cody and Kenny Omega and Matt and Nick every day, and we group chat and share ideas. When one of us has an idea, another can take it and run with it. The five of us have a great working relationship, and when you add in Brandi and Dana and Chris Jericho and [Ring of Honor veteran] Christopher Daniels, we’re all in constant communication. I’m very active with it.”

Tony Khan on AEW TV and touring schedule: “I’m not gonna go on Monday night or Friday night, and I would never go head-to-head with the NFL or pay for time on television.”

“I’m not planning on doing hundreds of non-televised events on tour, because I don’t think that would represent a large enough revenue stream for us and profitable enough business sector for us to risk the health and well-being of all these wrestlers. I’m not gonna have an offseason, but there will be a lighter schedule and we’ll work people in and out.”

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