Cody Says AEW Will Cover “100%” of Injury, Rehab, and Recovery Costs for Wrestlers

May 17, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck

In a long piece on the behind-the-scenes build of AEW on Bleacher Report, Cody confirmed that AEW will be covering “100%” of costs related to wrestler injuries, rehab, and recovery.

“We’re not gonna have a PayPal fund going around for somebody who gets hurt,” he said. “You know me. You’ve seen my smile. I am above board.”

He also commented on the John Oliver wrestling segment and unions in wrestling, saying that AEW has raised the pay floor which helps everyone.

“When I said a union would kill wrestling, I was specifically talking about your mom-and-pop indies that can’t afford an ambulance to come to the building,” Cody said. “There’s a lot of people who saw the story John Oliver did and immediately called for a union or better care for their wrestlers. Better care is paramount, and one of the first ways you do that is raise the pay floor, which we’ve done.”

He also talked about this being the “disruption era” and how AEW will give wrestlers full creative freedom.

“The greatest resource for professional wrestling in generating a show is the wrestlers,” Cody said. “If you hire wrestlers and don’t let them have freedom of expression, you’re doing yourself a disservice. In the golden age of wrestling, these were men and women who knew, ‘Here’s my time. Here’s my finish. That pay-per-view six months from now—I know I gotta get there.’ But today, we’re allowed to go out there and create. This era of people trying to control every aspect of creation kills creation. There’s no micromanagement in AEW.”

(Pro Wrestling & MMA World)

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