Becky Lynch Recalls Last Year’s Money in the Bank Fondly

May 17, 2019 - by James Walsh

In an interview with Mass Live, Becky Lynch said that last year’s WWE Money in the Bank PPV showed that she had a special connection with the WWE fans. Here are highlights:

On having two matches at Money in the Bank: “I was asked last week, why would I take on two competitors at Money in the Bank? I have two belts. I made my way to WrestleMania by fighting twice in one night. I’m not the underdog anymore. I’m the top dog.”

On how her career was different a year ago: “People always said my dreams were unrealistic, to go from the WrestleMania pre-show (in 2017) to the main event. It was a matter of breaking through, and I accepted that until I made it happen.”

On how she knew she had a connection with fans at last year’s Money in the Bank: “Every time I stepped foot on the ladder, to win that contract [to receive a championship opportunity], the crowd went mad. It showed everyone that I have a bond with the audience. That maybe they were sick of me being overlooked. And I really attribute that to everything else that happened.”

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