WWE Believes AEW Will Air on Tuesday Nights

May 16, 2019 - by James Walsh

During today’s edition of Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez talked about the new broadcasting partnership with All Elite Wrestling and WarnerMedia that will see AEW have a show in primetime on TNT set to debut later this fall. Bryan Alvarez commented on what day of the week the show might air. According to Alvarez, WWE officials believe AEW’s TV show on TNT is going to air on Tuesday nights. 

Alvarez stated: “WWE, for whatever it’s worth, believes the show is going to be on Tuesday. Before this deal was announced, the word that Dave [Meltzer] and others have gotten was that it was not going to be on Tuesday. But for whatever reason, All Elite went through and continued trademarking Tuesday Night Dynamite. So they’re either going to be Tuesday, or I guess it’s possible that they would be on a Wednesday. And Tuesday Night Dynamite is some sort of online show or a preview or something like that that would lead into the Wednesday show. But they want Tuesday Night Dynamite. It’s going to be used for something. We don’t know if it’s going to be the television show yet. We don’t know what day it’s going to be, but I don’t know WWE would know, but they believe the show is going to be on Tuesday. We will know soon enough.” 

Smackdown Live currently airs live on Tuesday nights on the USA Network. However, the show will be moving to Friday nights on the FOX Network later this fall. 

AEW and TNT have not yet confirmed any scheduling or launch dates yet. It’s only been confirmed that the show will debut later this fall. It’s worth noting that TNT airs NBA games on Tuesday nights during the season, so Tuesdays would be a very tough night if AEW plans to run 52 weeks a year.

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