Lio Rush Removes All WWE References from his Social Media Platforms

May 16, 2019 - by James Walsh

Speculation on Lio Rush’s WWE status is about to hit an an all-time high, as he has removed WWE references and added his booking info to his social media. Reddit was the first to note that Rush, who previously listed himself as a “WWE superstar,” has removed that wording from Instagram and added an email address for business inquiries to his profile. 

Checking on Rush’s Twitter account, Rush has also removed WWE references from there and added the booking inquiries email address. The development comes amidst reports that Rush has a ton of heat backstage over issues regarding his attitude, including reports that he was disrespecting veterans and that he had turned down a contract for $300,000 which was double his current contract. 

Rush has yet to comment on the change to his social media profiles, and WWE has not announced any change to his status at this time.

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