Eric Bischoff Says Bill Goldberg Was Difficult Backstage in WCW

May 15, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck

During the latest 83 Weeks podcast, Eric Bischoff recalled having a difficult time working with Bill Goldberg during the latter days of WCW. Bischoff was asked about Goldberg being public about his frustrations with the company’s storylines during the time around Slamboree ’99 and attributed it to the now-WWE Hall of Famer being “miserable” at the time. Highlights are below:

On Goldberg publicly saying that WCW didn’t know what it was doing: “Bill, Bill was a very miserable guy in — I wanna be careful how I say this. I mean, Bill and I are friends, and I’m not worried about saying anything that would offend him. I think Bill would probably admit, he’s a different person today than he was back then. But again, keep in mind. Bill broke into the business late in life. He had about six months worth of training, and all of a sudden he’s at the top, and being put in situations that he was insecure in. He was surrounded by a bunch of people who were constantly jacking him around and playing with him, and stirring him up, and firing him up because it was easy to do. He’s a very emotional guy who wore his emotions on his sleeve. So it was pretty easy to mess with him, and a lot of people did. And you know, he didn’t have — when I say confidence, Bill had all the confidence in the world in himself physically in a room full of guys. I’m not talking about physical confidence. But when it came to what was right in a wrestling match, and the psychology behind it. You know, he had different people telling him different things. People who were respected. And some of that guidance was self-serving, and some of it was helpful and some of it wasn’t.”

On Goldberg’s limitations in the ring: “And add to that, Bill didn’t have the kind of repertoire and experience that would allow him to go out and do a lot of the things that I would have liked him to be able to do, and he would have liked to be able to do. He was somewhat limited in terms of what he was capable of. You wouldn’t give Bill Goldberg a thirty minute match with a dozen false finishes. Number one, it wouldn’t have made sense to his character. But you know what I’m saying. He didn’t have the depth of experiences. As a result of that, he relied on a lot of people, and unfortunately some of those people were pushing him and pulling him in directions that were self-serving to them and not Bill. So as a result, Bill was miserable. And he was vocal.”

On Goldberg being difficult to talk business with: “And yeah, we were arguing over money. Some of the worst times of my life were negotiating with Bill Goldberg, as we had built him up to be this huge star and then he turned around to be absolutely horrible to work with when it came to negotiating. Immediately tapped into Hulk Hogan’s attorney, Henry Holmes. Barry Bloom was in his head which, you know, I’m not even going to talk about that anymore. There were a whole lot of reasons why that ended up being bad, and Bill had no qualms about going out and letting his feelings be known publicly. So yeah, it got back to me. And it was very, very frustrating.”

(Pro Wrestling & MMA World)

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