5/15/19 WWE NXT Recap: Lee, Kushida, Borne in Action; Raiders vs. Profits NXT Tag Title Match

May 15, 2019 - by Michael Riba

The opening credits roll. Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness, and NXT’s newest announcer, Beth Phoenix, are on commentary.

The Viking Raiders’s music hits, and the NXT Tag Team Champions make their way to the ring. Ivar says they have raided Monday Night Raw over the last few weeks and have brutalized the tag team division. Erik says they are far from done raiding Raw, but since they still have the NXT Tag Team Championship they ask William Regal to join them in the ring. Erik says since they know there is no one that can take the titles from them, they are going to relinquish them. They hand the titles to Regal, but The Street Profits interrupt. Montez Ford says they are far from no one, but it seems that everyone is afraid of the big, bad Viking Raiders. Ford says they brought the fight to the Raiders a few weeks ago, and even though they didn’t win the mat everyone realized that The Profits and beat The Raiders. The Raiders take the titles back from Regal and tells him to make the match. Regal says it is official for later tonight.

Kushida will take on Kona Reeves later tonight, but up next: Keith Lee vs. Cezar Bononi.

Footage from last week’s match between Matt Riddle and Adam Cole is shown, which ended with Cole tapping out and more problems between Cole and Roderick Strong. Exclusive footage is then shown that shows Cole and Strong still arguing after NXT went off the air. Strong throws the Undisputed ERA arm band at Cole and Cole tells him that maybe he doesn’t deserve to wear it. Cole, Bobby Fish, and Kyle O’Reilly are outside with Cathy Kelley. Cole says he doesn’t know where Strong is and there is no question that he is the leader of the Undisputed ERA. A bunch of guys run by them all, and then Strong walks up. He says he thought about what happened between them and they are stronger when they are on the same page. Strong says the Matt Riddle problem has been taken care and hands Cole a bloody flip-flop.

Match #1 – Singles Match: Cezar Bononi vs. Keith Lee
Lee drops Bononi with a shoulder block and then slaps his chest in the corner. Bononi comes back with a kick to the knee and slams Lee into the ropes. Bononi connects with kicks and then a jumping knee. Bononi chokes Lee against the ropes and then delivers a few knee strikes. Bononi delivers an uppercut and tries to run the ropes, but Lee holds onto him. Bononi connects with a knee and a forearm, but Lee fires up and delivers open palm strikes. Lee delivers a clothesline in the corner and connects with the Pounce. Lee delivers the Spirit Bomb and gets the pin fall.
Winner: Keith Lee

Still to come: The Viking Raiders vs. The Street Profits for the NXT Tag Team Championship. Up next: Kushida vs. Kona Reeves.

Footage from last week’s confrontation between Io Shirai and Shayna Baszler at the WWE Performance Center is shown. Cathy Kelley is outside Regal’s office and she says that at NXT TakeOver: XXV, Baszler will defend the NXT Women’s Championship against Io Shirai. The Forgotten Sons walk up and they say they are going to talk to Regal about why The Street Profits were handed a title match when they destroyed them last week. They say they will give Regal a reason to not forget them again.

Match #2 – Singles Match: Kona Reeves vs. Kushida
Reeves drops Kushida to the mat, but Kushida comes back with a waist-lock take down. Kushida turns it into a front face-lock and then taunts Reeves. Reeves comes back with a side headlock take down, but Kushida counters with a wrist-lock. Kushida drops Reeves with an arm-drag and then drives his knee into Reeves’s face. Reeves fights up, but Kushida grounds him again with a hammer-lock. Drew Gulak appears on the stage and stares down Kushida. Reeves knees Kushida in the midsection, but Kushida comes back with a wrist-lock. Reeves picks Kushida up and slams him into the corner. Reeves stomps and pounds away on Kushida and connects with a knee strike. Reeves suplexes Kushida to the mat and goes for the cover, but Kushida kicks out at two. Reeves applies a rear chin-lock, but Kushida kicks him in the face. Kushida connects with an enzuiguri and a springboard chop.
Kushida connects with a handspring back elbow and then delivers a basement dropkick. Kushida goes for the cover, but Reeves kicks out at two. Kushida locks in the Hoverboard Lock, but Reeves gets free. Reeves delivers a back elbow, but Kushida comes back with a heel kick that sends Reeves to the floor. Kushida takes Reeves down with a somersault plancha on the floor and then tosses him back into the ring. Kushida kicks Reeves in the chest and then locks in the Hoverboard Lock again and Reeves taps out.
Winner: Kushida

Bianca Belair is with Cathy Kelley backstage. She tells Kelley to ask Regal when she is getting her next title match, but Mia Yim walks up. Bianca says Yim is getting on her nerves and Yim says she was talking to Regal about a rematch against Belair. Belair walks into Regal’s office and closes the door in Kelley’s face.

Matt Riddle is with a trainer and Johnny Gargano backstage. Gargano says Riddle will be okay, but he is angry, and the ERA will not like him when he’s angry. Gargano says he doesn’t care that the ERA is back together. He says he talked to Regal and at NXT TakeOver: XXV, he will defend the NXT Championship against Adam Cole.

Match #3 – Singles Match: Vanessa Borne (w/Aliyah) vs. Jessie
They lock up and Borne applies a side headlock. Jessie sends her off the ropes, but Borne drops her with a shoulder tackle. Borne takes Jessie down with a drop toe hold and stomps away on her. Borne delivers right hands in the corner and then takes Jessie down with a dropkick. Borne chokes her over the middle rope and Aliyah gets a slap in. Borne splashes down onto Jessie’s next and then slams her to the mat. Borne goes for a suplex, but Jessie counters with a roll-up for two. Jessie sends Borne into the ropes and delivers a spinning heel kick. Borne comes back with a jaw-breaker and then connects with a spinning neck-breaker and gets the pin fall.
Winner: Vanessa Borne

Up next: The Viking Raiders defend the NXT Tag Team Championship against The Street Profits.

“On My Teeth” will be an official theme song for NXT TakeOver: XXV.

Match #4 – NXT Tag Team Championship Match: The Viking Raiders (Erik and Ivar) (c) vs. The Street Profits (Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford)
Erik delivers a knee strike to Ford immediately and tags in Ivar. Ivar smashes Dawkins in the corner and then he and Erik go for the Viking Experience on Ford. Dawkins breaks it up and Ford catches Ivar with a roll-up for two. Dawkins tags in and takes Ivar down with a spine-buster. Ford tags in and hits the frog-splash. Ford goes for the cover, but Ivar kicks out at two. Ivar takes Ford down and tags Erik in. Erik drops Dawkins with a clothesline and delivers a knee strike. Erik goes for the cover, but Dawkins kicks out at two. Erik applies an arm-bar down on the mat, but The Forgotten Sons come to ringside and attack Ivar as the referee calls for the bell.
Match Result: No Contest
-After the match, Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch join the fray and all four teams engage in a brawl. The Raiders take The Sons and Burch and Lorcan down, as the Profits deal with the Raiders. The Profits run backstage to leave the Raiders dealing with Lorcan and Burch and the Sons. The Raiders lay the NXT Tag Team titles in the ring and take a bow as the show comes to a close.

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