SmackDown Live Results for May 14, 2019 from London, England

May 14, 2019 - by staff

SmackDown is live from London tonight, and it’s only a few days before the chaos and excitement of Money in the Bank. This is “The Real Deal” Billy Rouse. Let’s get things kicked off!


Roman Reigns comes out to the ring to start the show.

RAW RECAP: last night’s event with Reigns & Miz

This Sunday the Drifter and The Big Dog tangle as Elias goes one on one with Roman Reigns.

Reigns says he has unfinished business from last night and he’s not waiting for the PPV. Reigns introduces the Miz.

Miz says it’s good to be back on blue. He says Elias isn’t that good of a singer. Attention shifts to Shane. What Shane did to George Mizanin is unforgivable. On Sunday, Shane can’t run, because Shane McMahon faces The Miz in a steel cage.

Shane’s music hits as he and Elias come out. Miz is banned from the building. Elias speaks to Roman and warns him not to underestimate him. Reigns & Miz won’t leave the ring, so Rowan & Daniel Bryan join them in marching to the ring.

four on two beating commences. The Uso’s music hits, as they come to help family. Rowan hits a double clothesline and a pier 6 brawl ensues with Shane’s group thrown out of the ring.


Later tonight, The KO Show with Kofi Kingston & a new Firefly Funhouse

Randy Orton’s music hits as a fatal four way is next!


Backstage, Shane makes a handicap match with himself, Elias, Rowan & Daniel Bryan VS The Samoans. If The Miz interferes at all, the cage match is cancelled.


Quick MITB promos by Orton, Vega & Andrade



Andrade w/Zelina Vega VS Randy Orton VS Ali VS Finn Bálor

The bell rings and we’re underway. Bálor & Ali are in the ring and pretty evenly matched. Outside, Orton pulls opponents out and back suplexes them on the announcers table. Orton stands tall over Ali outside. Back in the ring and Ali is being stomped by Orton. Finn gets a two, powerslam by Orton. European uppercut by Orton. Ali dropkick gets some space. Ali springs into a DDT on Randy, two count broken up by Andrade. Andrade is rocking until a corner boot blocks. Final Cut on Orton by Bálor. Andrade counters the Coup De Grace. Double knees and a two. Andrade pulls out a pair of ladders. Ali superkick hits above the ladder. Andrade hits a ladder shot on Ali.


Back from the break and Ali whips Bálor into a ladder. Slingblade hits and Ali hits a facebuster on Finn. Ali misses the 450, RKO, Andrade gets control. Andrade boots Bálor and hits the hammerlock DDT for the win.

WINNER: Andrade w/Zelina Vega

postmatch Andrade heads up the ladder until Ricochet springboards up the ladder and knocks Andrade off the ladder. Ricochet grabs the briefcase and walks off with it.


Carmella video promo


Backstage Woods is wanting to go out with Kofi, but Kofi says no.


UP NEXT: A look at the Lynch/Flair rivalry


WWE CLIENT PROTECTION SERVICES, brought to you by Progressive: Bobby “The Brain” Heenan


Charlotte’s music hits as she comes out.

RAW RECAP:Women’s Championship contract signing

Charlotte has a microphone. Typical promo about how Charlotte will end the rivalry with Becky Lynch victorious.

Video package on the Lynch/Flair rivalry


Lacey Evans backstage promo. Evans says people forgot about her. Becky will be called Becky Black Eye after MITB


Shane McMahon’s music hits as the handicap match is next! Byron Saxton mentions this is the first UK match for Shane in at least 10 years


Aleister Black promo on William Shakespeare


The Bloodline come out, as the crowd is going crazy. The announcers hype the stipulation of this match.



The Bloodline VS Shane McMahon, Elias, Daniel Bryan & Erick Rowan

the bell rings and Jimmy Uso starts with Daniel Bryan. Jimmy has control for a bit. Bryan hits a running tackle. Jimmy gets control again and tags Jey in. A two count on Bryan. Elias tags in. Elias eats a Lucha Kick. Splash countered and Jey looks like he hurt his knee. Shane tags in. Shane is dominating Jey Uso. Shane goes after the knee and tags in Elias. Daniel Bryan tags in. Daniel Bryan attacks the knee and gets a two count. Daniel goes up top , but Jey blocks. Bryan shoves Jey off the top and Uso eats the barricade ribs first. Erick Rowan is now legal and destroying Jey Uso. Elias tags in. Running kneedrop hits for a pair of two counts. Shane tags in. Shane throws a pair of rights, but Jey gets the tag to Reigns as Bryan tags in. Reigns is on fire. The 10 clotheslines in the corner leads to Roman loading up. Elias tags in. Running knee leads to a two count. Rowan tags in and slams Reigns. Two count and a head squeeze. Roman gets back on his feet, but is knocked down again. Elias is dominating Roman until Reigns hits a couple of big shots. Samoan Drop gets a two and Jimmy & Daniel Tag in. Superkick to Elias, Jey tags in. Two count gets broken up by Shane. The match breaks down momentarily, but Rowan gets Superman punched outside. Shane tags in and hits the Coast to Coast dropkick for the win among the chaos.

WINNERS: Shane, Elias, Daniel Bryan & Erick Rowan.

Postmatch Miz comes out and clears the ring.


Shane looks back at Miz


Firefly Fun House


Kairi Sane’s music hits as The Kabuki Warriors and Paige head to the ring for tag team action.


Money in the Bank promo video


Back from the break and it’s video promos from Ember Moon & Bayley


MITB Rundown


Paige has a microphone for a promo. The Iiconics are on commentary. Paige introduces Kairi & Asuka as the Kabuki Warriors. She says they are the future.


Mandy & Sonya cut promos for the crowd. Fire & Desire say the future of the women’s tag division is them.


The Kabuki Warriors VS Fire & Desire

The bell rings, and Sonya Deville is getting killed by the Kabuki Warriors. Rose gets knocked down.

Back from the break and Kairi is in control of Mandy Rose. Two count on Rose. Sliding D is blocked. Mandy hits the Crystal Rose and Sonya tags in. A two count on Kairi. Rose tags back in. Submission stretch on Sane. Irish whip and Kairi nailed Deville. Asuka tags in and goes to town on Mandy. Asuka Lock is broken up and Deville knees Asuka. Deville tags in and gets a few strikes from Asuka. Spine buster, Rose tags in and gets rolled up for the win.

WINNERS: The Kabuki Warriors


Kayla Braxton standing by to interview Lars Sullivan. We take a look first at Sullivan’s rampage. Kayla goes to interview Sullivan, clearly intimidated, and can’t go on.


Promo from Kevin Owens about the KO Show and Money in The Bank. Owens wants to know if Kofi can stand on his own. New Day’s music hits as Kofi comes out.


Kofi says he is there for the KO Show. Kingston introduces Owens.

Kevin Owens shows up on the monitor and talks about WM being a dream. In reality, Kofi is Champion because of New Day. We see a video package on Kevin Owens’ WWE journey.


Kofi says the video proves nothing and challenges Owens to come out. Owens accepts, only to play games with Kofi. Kofi hits the ramp. Sami Zayn hits the scene and helps KO attack Kofi. Xavier comes out for the save, only to get posted by Zayn & Owens. Kofi gets driven into the steps. Owens rolls Kofi in the ring. Owens talks trash and goes for a cannonball. Kofi ducks and fights off Zayn. Kofi counters the Helluva Kick and hits Trouble in Paradise. The show goes off the air with Kofi fired up.


My Thoughts: Great go-home for the PPV. Looking forward to the Pay Per View. On a different note, I have a direct challenge for my detractors. Tell Steve Gerweck and myself intelligently why I am a bad writer for the site. If it’s intelligent, you might get your wish. After almost 30 years of being a fan and 13 years experience in the business, I’m not gonna be driven away by simpletons. I refuse to just walk away. Steve, thank you for getting me back in a business that I gave my life to. For Steve Gerweck and the rest of the site, this is “The Real Deal” Billy Rouse. I will continue to make lemonade out of chicken crap and leave people wondering how I do it.

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