Impact wrestler reportedly requests release

May 13, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck

Tensions have arisen between Killer Kross and Impact Wrestling, resulting in Kross recently asking for his release.

Kross has allegedly not been happy with his currently multi-year contract with Impact, which he signed a year ago, and is also not happy with how he’s being used. He requested a raise from the company that would match what he thinks he would get if he was a free agent — a six-figures per year, guaranteed contract that would pay him a fixed salary instead of paying him per date booked. Despite feeling like they signed him a year ago when he was less known, a deal he agreed to, and then providing him a platform to grow, Impact did offer him a new three-year contract, but it was not for six-figures per year. Kross ended up turning the deal down and asking for his release a week ago.

Kross has had tryouts with WWE in the past and WWE, as well as others, are said to have interest in him. Impact, however, has not granted him his release and he is under contract with them for several more years.


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