Ronda Rousey discusses WWE, WrestleMania, and more

May 12, 2019 - by Colin Vassallo

The UFC has an exclusive 22-minute interview with former Raw Women’s champion Ronda Rousey which tackled a variety of subjects.

Conducted by UFC’s Megan Olivi, Rousey discussed her journey in WWE to great lengths. She said she loved spending time in WWE and loved working with everybody there, feeling like she made life-long friends now. When asked if she misses it, Ronda said that she misses a lot of little things that she used to do with other women in the locker room but she’s glad she’s taking a rest now.

Ronda also discussed getting over a dozen of stitches from that wild Raw segment where herself, Becky, and Charlotte got “arrested.” Ronda said that the plan was for the car window to be gimmicked with the sugar glass but she kicked out the real one so hard she bent the frame, making it impossible to fit in the fake glass. Ronda mentioned that at one point when she stuck her leg out, she sliced it with the several broken pieces of glass that were left there and required 14 stitches leading up to her WrestleMania match.

Olivi also asked if her WrestleMania main event match felt “huge” to her. Rousey thought about it for a moment and said that while it felt big for her, main eventing her first UFC pay-per-view with Liz Carmouche felt bigger because that was a pivotal moment for women’s MMA.

With WWE being all scripted, they had a good idea that the triple threat match was going to be great but when she fought Carmouche, Rousey said that they both felt the pressure to deliver otherwise women’s MMA would have been dead without even getting off the ground. She said that that WrestleMania was the most high-pressure, high-stakes match for Charlotte and Becky but she was in that position before and was roaring to go.

You can see the interview below.

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