Kofi Kingston Goes Over His Stressful Day

May 12, 2019 - by James Walsh

Kofi Kingston discussed the lead-in day to his big WWE Championship win at WrestleMania in a new interview. Kingston spoke with Vicente Beltran (per Wrestling Inc about the day, with highlights below:

On the day leading up to his win: “It’s funny you should say that regarding the first 24 hours. I got an hour and a half of sleep, had media day with Becky Lynch. I came back had breakfast with my family. During that, I had a phone call that said AJ Styles was injured and unable to do his VIP Signing at Axxess. So, I had to leave breakfast with my family, go immediately to Axxess and have a two-hour signing. Finally came back, I thought I would be able to get some sleep and then my high school wrestling coach called and said someone from the Boston Globe wanted to do an interview with me. I did the interview and in the middle of doing the interview, I got a text from our talent relations team asking me to call them back and after the interview I did. They told me I was needed for Raw. I said okay let me try and get some sleep. I laid down for about 20 minutes and the called back and said I was needed right now. So, I went to the Barclays Center for Raw and had the match with (Seth) Rollins that ended up being a tag match against the Bar. And then we had SmackDown the next day. So that was the least amount of sleep I have had with the most amount to do. Let alone the week before was just go, go, go.”

On dealing with the hectic WrestleMania schedule: “But, that is what we sign up for and that is why we do what we do. Be able to carry the ball and be able to fill in for people. That is what being a champion is all about. Being able to go out, despite the amount of rest you had, or despite the obstacles that may stand in your way. You still must go out there and be a champion. I’m glad to be in that position.”

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