The Briscoe Brothers Challenge Usos to Match

May 9, 2019 - by James Walsh

The Briscoe Brothers want to face the Usos in the ring, and have called them out on video. The ROH stars spoke with Rebellious Noise at G1 Supercard in Madison Square Garden last month and laid out a challenge to the WWE Raw-branded tag team.

“We just really… at this point, man, we just want big time matches,” Jay Briscoe said in the interview. “And for that to happen, we need big time tag teams to wrestle again. So… yo Usos, what’s good? Have your people call my people, we can do this.”

Mark Briscoe added, “We can make it work out, we can work it out.”

Of course, the match seems very unlikely as the Briscoes are in ROH and the Usos are in WWE. The latter team signed a new deal with the company last month, so they’re probably not going to ROH anytime soon, and the Briscoes are busy with their commitments to ROH and would seem unlikely for a jump to WWE.

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