Bully Ray Wants WWE to Put Paul Heyman In Charge of SmackDown!

May 9, 2019 - by James Walsh

Bully Ray has an idea on how to make Smackdown successful when it moves to Friday nights this fall, and it involves Paul Heyman. Speaking on Busted Open Radio, Ray discussed WWE moving Smackdown to FOX in October when it will air on Friday nights. Highlights are below: 

On Smackdown moving to Saturday nights: “I find myself a bit confused on the Friday night thing and what’s going to be so different. I understand what you’re saying about watching in real time and everything. But as a wrestling fan, what is going to get me to watch wrestling on a Friday night? And all this stuff you say is good. But from a creative point of view, you know what I would do, right out of the gate. I would hand Paul Heyman the pencil and say ‘go get em’. Because he is probably the only proven one when it comes to making SmackDown special.” 

On what Heyman would bring to Smackdown: “I think just the fact that people know Heyman is in creative control. And that’s not something WWE is going to let out and I don’t think that is something that should be announced. Like ‘Hey Paul Heyman is in charge of SmackDown creative.’ No. What I’m saying is that is that’s what I would do. Because if there is one person that has a track record of making SmackDown ultra-successful a definitively better show than Raw, it was Paul Heyman, probably what in 2003, 2004? Okay, so we know he can get the job done. We know he’s there. I would put the pencil in his hand and say, ‘Hey, what can you do with this?’ I think his creativity with that show and the way that he knows how to use characters and gel them with storylines would work.”


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