JR thinks Kingston needs to be more serious as champion

May 5, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck

On The Ross Report Jim Ross stated he thought Kofi Kingston needs to be more serious since he is champion now:

“Somebody needs to tell Kofi that hopping to the [ring] — carefree, happy, smiling, I don’t know if that fits the champion, especially when you’re a marked man. The days of the six-man tags with New Day [are done] — it’s a different ballgame now. You’re the man. Everybody’s going to give you their best shot. At least they should, right? So, the happy, carefree demeanor may be fun for children, who can laugh at or with the antics, not so much I don’t think the older fans; 18-34, 18-49.

“Just saying somebody that’s producing Kofi might want to suggest, you figure out how you’re perceived when you’re introduced. And sometimes, maybe that perception of Kofi is not indicative of who he is. I’m a big fan of his by the way.”

Kofi responded in an interview with The Talk:

: “The New Day has been the New Day because what we have done. We can be entertaining but then we can get serious, too. I think it’s awesome that after all these years, guys like JR, guys like Superstar Billy Graham can still be fans. Superstar Billy Graham is almost like Superfan Billy Graham right now! Everyone has the right to have their opinion, you know what I’m saying? And that’s great. They’re not talking to me, they’re talking about me – as they should be because I’m the champ – so I welcome all criticism and opinions, I think it’s great. For me personally, I’m going to continue to do what I do in the ring. I didn’t need their help or advice getting to this point and I certainly don’t need it now, to tell me how to be a champion.”

(The Spotlight)

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