Jericho, DDP, & Marc Mero Donate Big Bucks to Kamala & “Superstar” Billy Graham

May 4, 2019 - by James Walsh

Chris Jericho, Diamond Dallas Page and Marc Mero have given back to help out Kamala and Superstar Billy Graham with their health issues. As Wrestling Inc notes, all three stars have donated to Graham’s GoFundMe to help him pay for treatment for his medical issues including a hip replacement. Jericho donates $1,500 four days ago, while Page and Mero donated $500 about fourteen months ago. Additionally, Jericho gave $5,000 to help Kamala out with his GoFundMe to pau back taxes and deal with his health concerns. 

Jericho’s donation helped push Kamala’s campaign over its $12,750 goal to a total of $15,414 raised in a month. Graham has thus far raised $13,066 as of this writing from his $25,000 goal. 

Kamala detailed his issues while speaking with the Tampa Bay Times, noting that he is dealing with medical bills stemming from his diabetes as well as owing $13,000 to the IRS. The former WWE star was trying to raise the money to save his house, and has had both legs amputated over the last several years due to diabetes complications. B. Brian Blair co-launched the GoFundMe for Kamala, and Kamala spoke with the Times about the aid from Blair and Jericho 

“I didn’t know where I was going to find help,” he said. “Brian is a good friend who I wrestled many times and I thank him so much. Chris just knocked it out. I know who he is from TV, but I can’t remember ever meeting Chris … Chris is a wonderful man. He has a heart for helping his brothers and sisters from wrestling.” 

Kamala told the times he will pay the $2,000 he owes in back property taxes and $9,500 in back state income taxes when he gets the money, with the rest being used to fix his truck which has 400,000 miles on it,

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