Corey Graves Says the Reports of him and Carmella are Not Accurate

May 1, 2019 - by James Walsh

Corey Graves discussed his divorce and separation with his wife on Lilian Garcia’s Chasing Glory podcast. As previously reported, Graves and his ex-wife, Amy Polinsky, had been going through a divorce when news of their split became public. Also, Polinsky later claimed that Graves had been having an affair with WWE Superstar Carmella. Now, it seems things are more stable for Graves, and he discussed the topic on the show. Highlights from the piece are below, along with the audio from the podcast:

Corey Graves on spending more quality time with his kids: “There’s definitely an element of truth to that. To your point about the kids — I think that we would both admit that was why we stayed together longer than we should have, just because of the kids because you don’t want to throw that upside down. But my kids, especially my oldest, have told me, ‘Dad. The time that we get to spend with you now is more quality time then–‘ They see me roughly the same amount between my WWE schedule and you have to get creative once in a while, so I still — and luckily, they’ve grown up with me being on the road, so it’s not really unfamiliar to them. But now, I feel like when I’ve got my kids, it’s got to be like the best possible quality time. It’s always doing something. We’re gonna go find a carnival or go to a movie, whereas when I was back living at that house, it was just kind of like, I wanted to lock myself away from everything. It was like, ‘Oh. Hey, you can come watch TV with me,’ but I wasn’t being as good of a dad as I should’ve been because I was dealing with my own stuff. So I feel like now my life is in a much different place, so I think that allows me to be a better father and dad for them than what I was before.”

Corey Graves on splitting with his wife: “Oh, it was horrible. It sucked. Anyone that’s been through it will absolutely tell you, it’s not a fun time. People get angry. People get emotional. It’s a really awful, awful thing, but in the end, I think it’s better for everybody involved. Even looking at it from a kid’s perspective, now they’ve got two happy parents — in separate places, but they’re both — I’m doing better on my own. I think she’s doing great on her own. She seems to be. That’s the best case scenario, right? Just let it be. Just move on, move forward. Everyone’s moving forward, and it’s an interesting chapter of life.”

Corey Graves on how the story of his split got reported online: “The story that was making the rounds online, it was not accurate. It was made out of anger and emotion. It wasn’t what it looked like. I had been out of the house, living on my own for quite some time before that whole situation hit. It was a sexy story that people went, ‘Oh my god! Let’s talk about what a piece of crap this guy is!’ It was angry and emotional, and it’s been apologized for on both ends. It’s moved forward.

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