Bischoff says WCW fired 2 Cold Scorpio for smoking too much weed

Apr 29, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck

“Drug testing was not really a very effective science in WCW at the time. And admittedly it was not, especially for marijuana, nobody had their sights set on anybody that smoked weed, but with Scorpio, you just, he’d be out in the parking lot smoking weed, he’d walk in to catering once he got to the building and he smelled like a cannabis factory, it just, we had to do it, we had to fire him. And it was too bad, because number one, I liked him, he was a cool guy, but he was an amazing, amazing performer, who had all the potential in the world, but we just couldn’t get him to put down the ganja.”

source: 83 Weeks

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