Nick Aldis Says An NWA Title Match Was Not Wanted At G1 Supercard

Apr 28, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck

Aldis Says An NWA Title Match Was Not Wanted At G1 Supercard, Offered To Face Jushin Liger

Nick Aldis shared during an interview with Sporting News that an NWA Worlds Title match was not wanted on the G1 Supercard match card. He revealed that he offered to defend the 10 Pounds Of Gold against Jushin Thunder Liger and also would’ve defended the title against The Great Muta had he known Muta was going to be a part of the event.

“They didn’t want it,” said Aldis. “I’m not going to sit here and politically dance around and give some bullsh-t answer as to why that didn’t happen. They didn’t want it. We did offer them – I volunteered to wrestle Jushin Thunder Liger at that show for the title. I pitched that. Hell, if I had known that Muta was going to be at that show, I would have pitched me and Great Muta. They obviously decided that what they had to offer and the debuts they had in mind and the other things they had in mind, they obviously decided that those were more fitting of Madison Square Garden than the NWA Champion who had been the first one to defend the title there since Harley Race in 1980.”

Aldis expressed. “But, hey, I’ll get there and I’ll do it on my terms and it will be a great night. The other possibility for that would have been Marty and I,” said Aldis. “I remember saying that it’s pretty hard to replicate 15 years in the making; two kids who came from rural England in the middle of nowhere, a place where nobody famous comes from where we came from and to be able to headline at Madison Square Garden with the oldest and arguably the most historic and prestigious worlds championship in wrestling history would have been a pretty cool story. Marty wanted that, I can tell you. But all it does, like anything, nothing is given to you in this business so we just took it and said, ‘Hey, let’s show them what they should have done at Madison Square Garden in Concord, North Carolina’.”

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