Apr 28, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck

Impact Wrestling Rebellion Results
April 28, 2019
Toronto, Ontario, Canada (The Rebel Complex)
Results by: Josh Boutwell of

Josh Matthews and Don “Cyrus” Callis will handle commentary duties. We go straight to the ring after the intro video.

Six-Pack Scramble
“The Canadian Destroyer” Petey Williams vs. Jake Crist vs. Aiden Prince vs. Ace Austin vs. “Cousin” Jake Deaner vs. “The Lone Wolf” Eddie Edwards

Edwards, Williams and Crist are obviously longtime Impact regulars, while Austin has been making a name for himself recently on Impact with some stellar performances. Prince is a Border Championship Wrestling (Scott D’Amore’s promotion) that has appeared on some live Impact Twitch specials. Cousin Jake is the tag partner of Cody Deaner, who just recently returned to Impact after having been a regular years ago.

The match starts off hot and heavy with guys flying all over the place. Eddie hits a dive followed by a slingshot rana. Ace Austin set up for a dive of his own but as he went over the top Jake Crist caught him with a Diving Cutter off the apron in midair onto the pile of humanity below them in a wild spot!

Petey connects with the Tilt-A-Whirl Russian Leg Sweep and then attempts the Canadian Destroyer on Eddie, but Eddie counters only for Petey to roll through into the Sharpshooter! Jake grabs Petey and hits him with a Michinoku Driver for the first nearfall of the match.

Crist obliterates Cousin Jake with a series of kicks and then Ace Austin stars throwing knees at everybody. Austin attempts a headstand headscissors in the corner on Crist but Crist nails him with a Cutter in midair and then hits a Tope DDT onto Eddie on the floor!

Petey catches Jake Crist with a Slingshot Codebreaker on the apron but Prince lays Petey out and then hits a 450-Splash on Jake Cirst in the ring for a nearfall that was broken up by Austin. Eddie grabs Austin and hits a Forearm Smash followed by a Tiger Bomb for a nearfall.

Eddie attempts a Boston Knee Party but Cousin Jake catches him in mid-move with a Black Hole Slam. Cousin Jake attempts a Powerbomb on Petey but Petey counters into the Canadian Destroyer. Austin breaks up the nearfall attempt and rolls Petey up for the pin. It looked like he a handful of tights, as well.

Winner: Austin via pinfall (rollup)

Matthews and Callis announce the launch of a new streaming service called Impact+, which sounds like Global Wrestling Network with a new name. The app will launch May 1 with an exclusive event called “Code Red” later this month.

Intergender Match
Rohit Raju w/Raj Singh & Gamma Singh vs. Scarlett Bordeaux w/Fallah Bah

After Raju attacked Scarlett early on, she sidesteps him and tosses him to the floor and then goes or a dive but Raju moved and she dives onto Raj. Rohit then Russian Leg Sweeps her into the ring apron.

Rohit beats her down in the ring and grinds her face and hand into the mat before hitting her with a Snap Suplex, but instead of pinning her he pulls her head up at two and continues the beat down. As he taunts her, she spits in his face.

An enraged Rohit tosses Scarlett into the corner but then runs into an elbow followed by La Mistica! Rohit manages to fight out of it and then elbows her. He charges at her but she sidesteps him and hits a German Suplex!

Rohit rolls to the floor and Scarlett dives off the top with a Plancha onto both members of the Hit Squad! Gamma distracts the referee and then Raj trips Scarlett up. Rohit tries to give her a stinkface but she kicks him in the nuts as Fallah distracts the referee and hits a Cradle Back-to-Belly Piledriver for the pin!

Winner: Scarlett via pinfall (Cradle Back-to-Belly Piledriver)

Six-Man Tag Team Match
The North (Josh Alexander & Ethan Page) & Moose vs. The Rascalz (Trey Miguel, Dezmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz)

Trey starts off with Moose and tries to use his speed to keep Moose off balance and then all three Rascalz triple team Moose and are able to take the early advantage with quick tags. The three hit Moose with a series of high spots but Moose just nips up and destroys all three of them.

Page and Alexander show off their tag ability with some nice double team moves and then Alexander just kills Xavier with a Spinning Back Suplex for a nearfall. Alexander hits an assisted Suplex for antoher nearfall and then Moose comes back in to really work over Xavier.

Alexander back in and hits a Backbreaker for another nearfall before tagging Page in. The heels are really working over Xavier, while quick tagging each other to make sure no one is there for more than a few minutes. Moose attempts a Bicycle Kick in the corner but Dez gets his boots up and then climbs to the top only to eat a dropkick from the former NFL star.

Moose Press Slams Dez off the top and then lays out the other Rascalz before going back to work on Xavier. Moose attempts a Sidewalk Slam but Dez counters with a Spinning DDT. Moose tags Page in and The North cut Dez off only for Dez to shove Page into Alexander. Alexander lays out the other Rascalz before he can tag out and then they botch a spinning enziguri spot where Alexander still sells it despite Dez coming nowhere near him.

Page then kills Dez with a modified Sidewalk Slam and tosses him over the top but Dez flips onto his feet on the ramp. Trey cuts Page off but the camera missed it. Dez then shoves Zachary over the top into a DDT off the top on Moose. Trey then hits a Springboard Rana! Wentz hits the assisted Moonsault off the ramp onto Page in an insane spot!

Miguel hits a backflip into a kick on Alexander and then dives over the top onto Moose, but Moose catches him in midair and Samoa Joe’s him into the guardrail! Dez comes from out of nowhere with an insane Somersault Cannonball off the back of Alexander onto Moose and Page on the floor!

Back in the ring Dez goes for a handspring into something but Alexander catches him and then catches a Moonsaulting Miguel in mid-air! Trey shakes free and then kicks Josh in the head before Dez tosses a charging Wentz into a dropkick on Moose!

Dez with a 619 on Josh and then Trey dives off the top with the Meteoro followed by a Swanton from Zachary and a 450 from Dez! Page grabs Miguel and Razor’s Edge’s his ass onto Dez as he tried to pin Alexander!

Page grabs a charging Wentz and tosses him over the top onto Miguel! Moose with a Pump Kick on Dez and then The North hit the assisted Spinebuster on Dez followed by a Spear from Moose for the pin!

Winners: The North & Moose via pinfall (Spear)

Melissa Santos is backstage with Johnny Impact and Taya, who cut promos on Grace and Cage.

Impact Knockouts Championship
“Wera Loca” Taya Valkyrie (c) vs. “Thick Momma Pump” Jordynne Grace

Grace jumps Taya at the bell and then slides to the floor and pulls her out into an Electric Chair and drops Taya on the ring apron. Grace then Apron Bombs Taya! Back in the ring, Grace gets the first nearfall of the match.

Taya avoids a charging Grace in the corner but then runs right into a pair of boots followed by a big Cannonball from Grace off the second rope for another nearfall. Grace whips Taya into the ring post. Taya is able to come back by poking Grace in the eyes and then after hanging Grace’s arm up on the top rope she then wraps it around the ring post several times before kicking her in it.

Taya covers Grace after working on the arm but only gets a one count. Taya goes back to working on the arm by wrapping it around the top rope and wrenching on it. Taya hits a Full Nelson Bomb and then locks in a Cross Armbreaker. Taya ties the arm up and then grabs the other arm and wrenches back on it at the same time until Grace reaches the bottom rope with her leg to break the hold.

Taya kicks the middle rope into Grace’s arm and then connects with a hanging DDT as Grace attempted to catch a break on the apron. Taya actually does a Splitting Leg Drop onto the arm of Grace and then locks her in another Armbar.

Grace is able to fight up to her feet and back Taya into the turnbuckles repeatedly. Taya jumps on the back of Grace and locks in a Sleeper but Grace drops back on the mat and then connects with a big lariat. Grace immediately grabs her arm and starts selling it as that lariat backfires. Grace is able to come back with a series of scoop slams but then Taya hits a spinning back fist to that injured arm only to run right into a Michinoku Driver from Grace for another nearfall.

Grace whips Taya inot the corner and then charges at her but Taya sidesteps her and then attempts a Sunset Flip. Grace blocks it only to get kicked in the head. Taya climbs to the top but eats a palm strike from Grace followed by the Muscle Buster! Taya still manages to kick out in a nice false finish. Grace immediately goes back to the pin but Taya kicks out again. Both girls exchange rollups and reversals for nearly a full minute before Taya knees Grace in the face repeatedly.

They both go for their finishers but as Grace went up for the Grace Driver she sold the arm like she couldn’t lift her up and Taya hits the Road to Valhalla for the pin!

Winner & STILL Knockouts Champ: Taya via pinfall (Road to Valkyrie)

Backstage Gail Kim says she is coming out of retirement to teach Tessa about respect.

Impact X-Division Championship
OVE Rules Match
“The Death Machine” Sami Callihan vs. Rich Swann (c)

Mad Man Sawyer comes out to the ring with Callihan but leaves before the match as all members of OVE are banned from ringside. No dancing or singing from Rich as he comes to the ring for this one as he is all business here.

Sami and Swann immediately trade strikes as the match starts and then as Callihan hits the ropes, Swann flips over Callihan and hits a spinning heel kick. Swann pulls out a staple gun and jabs Callihan with it. After nailing Callihan with the stapler a few more times he pulls out a number of other weapons from under the ring.

Back in the ring Swann attempts a Sunset Flip on Callihan but Callihan uses the stapler to staple Swann’s lips! Callihan rakes his boot across the face and then hits a running boot to the face, the old school Samoa Joe Facewash. As Callihan went for it a second time Swann jumped up and hit a Superkick.

Swann attempts a dive but flies right into a cookie sheet to the face! Callihan blasts Swann with the cookie sheet again and then drags him onto the ring apron and hits a Piledriver onto the apron!

Callihan grabs one of the guardrails and sets it up like a bridge between the ramp and the ring steps. Callihan blasts Swann with a glass of beer and then tosses him back into the ring. Callihan attempts Powerbomb onto that guardrail at ringside but Swann escapes and levels Callihan with a chair.

Swann attempts to Suplex Callihan onto a chair that he set up into the ring but Callihan blocks it and shoves Swann into the ropes only to nail him with a T-Bone Suplex onto the chair in a nasty spot for a nearfall! Callihan goes for another Powerbomb but Swann grabs a cookie sheet on the way up and blasts Callihan with it.

Swann hits Callihan with it again but Callihan then spits in Swann’s face only to eat another shot from Swann. Swann puts a trashcan on Callihan’s face and then Superkicks him and hits a Falcon’s Arrow onto it for a nearfall.

Callihan tries to get away from Swann by crawling onto the ramp but Swann grabs a “slippery when wet” sign and breaks it over Callihan’s head. Swann hits Callihan with the sign repeatedly but Callihan is able to come back by poking Swann in the eyes and throws him into the entrance set. Swann is able to come back by swinging off the set into a rana in a crazy spot!

Back near ringside Swann slingshots off the ropes into a Back Handspring Cutter onto the ramp! Swann climbs up top but Callihan cuts him off and tries to drive him onto the guardrail set up earlier. Swann blocks his attempt and shoves him off. Swann drops down to ringside and Callihan dives off the ramp but Swann catches him with a Superkick in midair.

Swann sets Callihan up on the guardrail but then Callihan low blows Swann and hits a Piledriver onto the guardrail! Callihan drags Swann back in the ring and covers him, but Swann still somehow manages to kick out! Callihan pulls out a big ass lego from under the ring and takes the top off to reveal thousands of tiny legos in the most sadistic thing I’ve ever seen (only half joking).

Callihan drags Swann up for a Super Piledriver off the top but Swann counters into a Frankensteiner onto the legos for a nearfall. Swann climbs up top but Callihan tosses powder into Swann’s face and hits a Super Piledriver onto the lego’s! 1…2…NO Swann still kicks out as Sami can’t believe it!

Callihan reaches under the ring and pulls out a bat wrapped in barbed wire but Swann spits in his face and low blows him before he can use it! Swann blasts Callihan in the face with the bat and then uses the bat to lock him in a Crossface! Callihan taps!

Winner & STILL X-Division Champ: Swann via submission (barbed wire assisted crossface)

Impact announces that they will be coming to NYC at the Melrose Ballroom on June 6-7 for Impact tapings.

Tessa cuts a promo backstage when Tully Blanchard interrupts her and says that he couldn’t miss this match and says he will be sitting ringside for this match. Tully tells her to earn her destiny tonight.

“Undeniable” Tessa Blanchard vs. Gail Kim

The legendary Tully Blanchard, Tessa’s father, is sitting ringside as is Gail’s husband Robert Irvine. Tessa also pays tribute to her father with her ring gear tonight, which reads “Tessa Blanchard Enterprises” (a call back to Tully’s “Tully Blanchard Enterprises” from the 80s).

After Tessa gets in Gail’s face to start the match, Gail jumps her and beats her down in the corner. Gail leaps up to Tessa’s shoulders but Tessa blocks a Victory Roll attempt only for Gail to still take her down and get a nearfall after a Leg Drop.

Gail wanted to do the ring post 619 but Tessa was jawing with fans as she turns around Gail hits her and redoes the spot. Gail then does the Jerry Lynn Guillotine Leg Drop spot as Tessa went for a shoulder block through the ropes. As Gail sets up for the ring post Figure Four Tessa Kicks her into the guardrail.

As Gail climbs up the ropes, Tessa kicks her legs out from her and then hits a Springboard Codebreaker for a nearfall! That was a nasty spot! Tessa hits a Shortarm Clothesline and then goes for a Backdrop Driver but Gail blocks it. Gail hits the ropes and then connects with a Snap Suplex as Tessa tried to follow her.

Gail hits the ropes again and eats a nasty Forearm Smash from Tessa. Tessa hangs Gail up in the ropes and attempts a Running Elbow Smash but Gail moves and locks in the Hanging Octopus! Tessa breaks the hold and counters into a Backbreaker followed by a Saito Suplex for a nearfall!

Tessa taunts Gail and her husband as she chops Gail and then sidesteps a charging Gail sending her crashing into the floor at ringside. Tessa climbs up top but Gail cuts her off with a series of forearms. The two exchange strikes on the apron – with each girl on a side of the ring post – and then they pull each other face-first into the ring post.

As Tessa tries to roll back in the ring, Gail grabs her legs and wraps her around the ring post with the Ring Post Figure Four. Back in the ring they exchange slaps and forearms capped off by a Running Clothesline from Gail. Gail hits a Diving Cross Body off the top for a nearfall!

Gail goes for Eat Defeat but Tessa kicks her off and sends Gail crashing onto the ramp. Tessa goes for a Suplex on the ramp but Gail blocks it and then goes for a clothesline. Tessa blocks it and then Full Nelson Slams Gail off the ramp and onto the floor!

Gail is able to break the 10-count before being counted out, which causes Tessa to become enraged. Tessa goes for the Buzzsaw DDT but Gail blocks it only for Tessa to go for the Slingshot Suplex. Gail blocks it and hits Eat Defeat! Tessa is able to kick out, though, which frustrates Gail.

Gail climbs up top but Tessa cuts her off and climbs up with her. Gail puts Tessa in a Dragon Sleeper but Tessa breaks it by BITING Gail’s arm! Tessa then Super Press Slams Gail off the top and hits a Diving Codebreaker! Gail is still able to kick out but Tessa rolls right over into a Crossface! Gail fights it off briefly but Gail rolls to the center of the ring and Gail taps! Tully and Tessa embrace at ringside and Tully tells her that he is proud of her and then points back to Gail.

Winner: Tessa via submission (modified Crossface)

Impact World Heavyweight Championship
Special Guest Referee: Lance Storm
Johnny Impact (c) w/John E. Bravo & Taya Valkyrie vs. “The F’N Machine” Brian Cage

Storm gets a nice reaction from the Canadian crowd. Cool entrance for Brian Cage as he wears some Terminator-like gear to the ring. This match also gets the boxing-style intro from the ring announcer. That is something TNA/Impact has been doing for big Main Events since back during the Wednesday PPV days, which I think is such a nice touch that just makes a match feel bigger.

Cage jumps Impact at the bell and absolutely turns Impact inside-out with a shoulder block followed by a Running Elbow and an Enziguri and then a German Suplex and TKO! Cage gets a very early nearfall and then hits a Shortarm Forearm Smash followed by a Pump Handle Michinoku Driver for another quick nearfall.

Cage hits a Buckle Bomb and then as Impact attempts to roll out of the ring, Cage grabs him and Deadlift Suplexes him back into the ring for yet another nearfall! Taya screams at Impact to get out of the ring but Cage cuts him off again by grabbing him by the hair.

Cage attempts another Deadlift Suplex into the ring but Impact counters into a German Superplex back into the ring. Cage tosses Impact into the corner and destroys him with a series of clotheslines but Impact pokes him in the eyes and then hits a Leg Lariat followed by a Shining Wizard and Standing Shooting Star Pres for a nearfall.

Cage rolls up to his feet and hits a Fall Away Slam followed by a Standing Moonsault for a nearfall. Impact rolls out to the ramp and as Cage pursues, Impact kicks Cage in the gut. Cage forearms Impact and then attempts a Powerbomb but Impact blocks it and hits a Spanish Fly off the ramp onto the floor!

Callis points out a bunch of circular bruises on Cage’s back, which are from a “cupping” procedure he has been doing to try and heal a back injury and mentions how that move must have hurt him even more than it would have normally.

Impact rolls into the ring to break Storm’s 10-count and then comes back out and knees Cage’s head into the guardrail. Storm gets in Impact’s face and tells him to get it back in the ring. Cage is busted open and is bleeding all over the place now.

Impact gets a nearfall and then puts Cage in a headlock. A closeup shows what looks like a ton of blood on the top of Cage’s head, so I’m wondering if that was a hardway there and maybe Cage’s head really rammed into the guardrail.

Impact goes for a Roundhouse Kick but Cage catches his leg and then Impact hits an Enziguri with the other leg. Impact slides through Cage’s legs and then hits a Leaping Enziguri and Cage honestly looks wobbly like he might be legit woozy. Impact hits a double spring into a Spear for another nearfall. Impact keeps talking to Storm like he’s trying to relay something to him, but they are able to play it off decently like Impact is talking trash.

Taya and Bravo pull out a chair at ringside and set it up as Impact works on Cage in the ring. Impact attempts to Powerbomb Cage onto the table but Cage blocks it only for Impact to counter into a Roll of the Dice for a nearfall. Impact and Cage are clearly communicating with each other now.

Impact rolls Cage out to the floor and lays him on the table but Cage Powerbombs him through the table! Cage rolls Impact back into the ring but Bravo grabs Cage’s leg as he tries to get back in the ring. Cage drags Bravo into the ring and is staggering around but finally steadies himself and decks Bravo. Impact tries to hit Storm with the title belt but he ducks and Impact nails Cage. Taya dragged Storm out as that happened and then Impact dropkicks Storm.

Impact grabs the title and tosses it to Taya as Cage gets to his feet. Cage grabs Taya and Powerbombs her but then Impact nails Cage with the title again! Bravo comes back in with the ref shirt as Impact hits the Starship Pain (kind of) but Cage still kicks out.

Storm comes in and Superkicks Bravo! Storm starts to DQ Impact but Cage stops him and hits the Bicycle Kick on Impact. Cage hits the Drill Claw for the pin! NEW CHAMP!

Winner & NEW Impact World Champ: Cage via pinfall (Drill Claw)

Mike Elgin comes out after the match and gets in Cage’s face and points at the title before decking Cage with a backfist! Elgin holds up the World Title and then hits a Spinning Powerbomb!

Slammiversary will take place July 7 in Dallas.

Impact World Tag Team Championships
Full Metal Mayhem
The Lucha Brothers (Pentagon Jr. & Fenix) (c) vs. LAX (Ortiz & Santana) w/Konnan

Tables, ladders and chairs are set up all around ringside. Pentagon and Fenix are wearing the Samurai influenced entrance gear they’ve been wearing of late. LAX hits stereo dives onto the Lucha Brothers as they were making their entrance!

Ortiz grabs a fans jacket and chokes Fenix with it before laying him out on a chair. LAX sets up a pair of tables at ringside but that gave Lucha Brothers a chance to recover and they hit stereo Somersault Planchas onto LAX sending them crashing through the tables!

Fenix blasts Ortiz with a chair and then Pentagon throws a trashcan at Santana’s face. Back in the ring the Lucha Brothers take turns killing Ortiz with kicks and then Pentagon hits a Slingblade followed by the Doubleteam roll through Splash for a nearfall.

Ortiz rolls to the floor and Santana comes in only to eat the feet of both Lucha Brothers. Fenix hits a Rolling Forearm Smash and then Pentagon puts the trashcan on Santana’s face and they sandwich him with a Double Superkick for another nearfall!

Pentagon throws the trashcan at Ortiz at ringside as Fenix sets a table up on the ramp and another in the ring in a corner. Ortiz comes in and kills both brothers with a cookie sheet but Pentagon comes back and takes it from him and blasts him with it.

Nice double team spot as Ortiz rolls Santana into a Cuter on Pentagon followed by a Diving Codebreaker from Ortiz. They hit a crazy Double Flipping Bomb for a nearfall before Fenix came from out of nowhere with a Ghetto Stomp off the top to break up the pin!

Santana and Fenix kill each other with strikes and then Fenix throws a couple at Ortiz. Santana hits a Running Clothesline on Fenix and then he dives off the back of Ortiz with a Rolling Senton onto Fenix in the corner! LAX sets up some chairs in the ring and then lift Fenix up to the top rope.

Ortiz hits a Hanging Cutter on Fenix as Santana hit a Ghetto Stomp to his back and through the chairs at the same time for a nearfall! Santana dropkicks Pentagon into the guardrail and then Ortiz suplexes Fenix onto a pair of chairs.

Santana whips Pentagon into the crowd as its “Take A Luchador Home Day” in Toronto! Santana pulls out the first ladder of the match and tosses it into the ring. Fenix tries to fight off LAX until Pentagon gets in with him to help out. The two sides stop throwing strikes at each other and each grab chairs and set them up. The two sides sit in the chairs and start smacking the hell out of each other.

Finally Fenix and Pentagon grab the chairs and try to hit LAX with them but they kick the Lucha Brothers and lay them out. Konnan hands LAX a pair of forks but Lucha Brothers cut them off by throwing chairs at their faces! Lucha Brothers hit the ropes but eat chair shots from LAX as well and now all four men are down.

LAX tosses Pentagon to the floor and then lift Fenix up to the top rope as they set chairs up again near the corner. LAX climbs up with Fenix but Pentagon cuts them off with a shot from a trashcan lid and then Fenix dives off the top with a Ghetto Stomp on Ortiz! Pentagon lifts Santana up for the Fear Factor on the chairs and Fenix dives off the top with the Ghetto Stomp at the same time with the Spike Fear Factor onto the chairs in a truly insane spot! 1…2…NO Santana kicks out!

Fenix is selling his arm heavily right now. Lucha Brothers hit a Double Superkick on Santana and then Fenix climbs up top but Ortiz crotches him. Santana then F5’s Pentagon onto a chair! Santana sets the ladder up in the ring as Ortiz drags Pentagon out onto the ramp and lays him on it.

Ortiz climbs up the ladder but this damn nut job Fenix walks the ropes and jumps onto the ladder and freaking Spanish Fly’s Ortiz through the damn table! Fenix looked like he hit his head on the ramp on the fall.

Pentagon levels Santana with trashcan lids and then hits the Pentagon Driver onto a chair! Santana still kicks out AGAIN! Pentagon sets a bunch of tables up underneath the ladder and then pours a bag of tacks onto the tables!

Santana throws a handful of tacks at Pentagon and then Superkicks him! Santana drapes Pentagon onto the table and climbs up the ladder, but Pentagon climbs up the other side. Pentagon and Fenix punch each other on the top of the ladder and then Pentagon attempts to Suplex Santana off the ladder. Ortiz cuts Pentagon off and Santana stabs Pentagon with a fork! Ortiz then Super Bombs Pentagon off the ladder and through the tables for the pin!

Winners & NEW Tag Champs: LAX via pinfall (Super Bomb off a ladder through tables covered in tacks)

After the match Konnan takes both teams and hugs them and the two sides officially end their rivalry as they raise each other’s hands. The Impact roster – including former Impact star Taylor Wilde – walks out to the ring and raises the arms of both teams.

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