4/23/19 SmackDown Results

Apr 23, 2019 - by Achal Mohindra

SmackDown Results April 23
Lincoln, Nebraska

SmackDown starts with Shane McMahon who comes out and says I don’t have time for this so Gregg Hamilton make it a good and does the introduction of Shane McMahon as The Best in The World. Shane says we are here to talk about what Roman Reigns did to my father last week. (We see a VT package of Roman Reigns nailing a Superman Punch to Mr McMahon.  We go back to Shane McMahon and he says that was horrific to watch and what kind of man hits another father, my father is the greatest man ever lived, when Reigns hit him he disregard the USA flag, defaced Mount Rushmore, one of the major things I can’t get out of my head he hit the CEO of a Billion Dollar Company and my father Vincent Kennedy McMahon, should I fine him, suspend him or should he be fired, I am amped up and we will settle it in this ring, Shane says I order not request Roman Reigns to come out now as he works for me.

Music of Roman Reigns hits and he comes to the ring. Roman Reigns tosses the microphone and then Shane does, Elias appears and then Reigns takes him down and Shane beats down Reigns till Roman Reigns regains control and then Elias back in the ring and both men double team Roman Reigns. Shane is holding Roman Reigns whilst Elias punches him. Elias drops Roman Reigns with Drift Away. Both Shane McMahon and Elias exit the ring.

Later tonight Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch go face-to-face, Kofi Kingston takes on Shinsuke Nakamura and Finn Balor takes on Andrade.


When we return we see highlights of Roman Reigns being attacked by Shane McMahon and Elias.

We see highlights of Kevin Owens being a honourable New Day member last week on SmackDown.

Kayla Braxton interviews WWE Champion Kofi Kingston backstage about facing Shinsuke Nakamura backstage since becoming WWE Champion.  Xavier Woods comes in and Kofi says I am WWE Champion, we have one Big Change and that Big E is re cooperating from injury and we have a temp member Kevin Owens known as Big O. Kevin says Kofi Kingston will win because he knows New Day Rocks.

We see Andrade backstage with Zelina Vega and Andrade says he wants to destroy the myth that is Finn Balor and become Intercontinental Champion.

Non-Title Singles Match
WWE Intercontinental Champion Finn Balor Vs Andrade w/Zelina Vega

When the bell rings Andrade beats down Balor till Balor regains control and then Zelina tries to help Andrade but Balor stops it and then Andrade does a roll over the top to the outside on Finn Balor as we go to commercial break.

Commercial break

When we return, Finn Balor in control of Andrade and Balor takes down Andrade with a DDT, Balor climbs to the top but Andrade takes him down. Andrade takes Balor down with a head scissor takedown but Balor counters and sends Andrade to the outside and then dives through the rope. Balor goes for the Sling-Blade but missed and Andrade nails his double knees in the corner and pins Balor for a two count. Referee is distracted and Zelina Vega comes in and climbs to the top rope to jump on Balor but Balor moves out the way and Andrade catches her and then Balor drops Andrade with a baseball drop kick into the corner and nails his Coup de Gras for the win.

Winner via Pinfall WWE Intercontinental Champion Finn Balor

We see Elias backstage singing a song and issues a open challenge to Roman Reigns for a match at WWE Money in The Bank. Shane McMahon says that is a good idea and they both get in a limo and leave.

Commercial break

Womens Division Singles Match
1/2 of Womens Tag Team Champions The Iiconics – Peyton Royce w/1/2 of Womens Tag Team Champions The Iiconics – Billie Kay Vs Kairi Sane w/Asuka and Paige

The Iiconics come out and mock Kairi Sane and Peyton Royce says I will give Kairi Sane her first loss on SmackDown.

Peyton mocks Kairi and Peyton slams Kairi in the corner, and boot in the corner to Kairi Sane, Kairi nails a Dragon Screw leg takedown on Peyton, Kairi nails her Interceptor takedown, Kairi nails her sliding feet in the corner and nails her Insane Elbow for the win.

Winner via Pinfall Kairi Sane

After the match while celebrating Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville come out and applause Asuka, Kairi Sane and Paige. Music of Jinder Mahal and The Singh Brothers come out as Jinder Mahal and The Singh Brothers are now back on SmackDown and Jinder Mahal takes on Chad Gable next.

Commercial break

We see Aleister Black backstage and says you know who I am, the name and persona is different, as with all good things give it time and time will have me condemned.

Singles Match
Chad Gable Vs Jinder Mahal w/Sunil and Samir Singh

Before the match starts as Chad Gable walks to the ring Lars Sullivan destroys Chad Gable on the outside and then goes for Jinder Mahal but he escapes and Lars Sullivan destroys Sunil and Samir Singh. Lars nails his running sit-out Powerbomb on Sunil Singh. Music of R-Truth hits and he comes out and starts punching Lars but is caught and planted on the canvas. Lars nails his sit out powerbomb on R-Truth.

No Contest.

Up next is Face-to-Face between Charlotte Flair and Raw and SmackDown Womens Champion Becky Lynch

Commercial break

Backstage Roman Reigns tells Kayla Braxton he accepts Elias Money in The Bank Challenge and will break his jaw.

Charlotte Flair comes out and says 3 of the very best people went head to head in the main event, you have Ronda Rousey, Becky Lynch and the Queen. Becky Lynch pins Ronda Rousey and won both Womens Titles, but she pinned Ronda Rousey and she lost my SmackDown Womens Championship, so I want Becky “2 Belts” Lynch to come out and explain why she has the right to my title when she didn’t beat me.

Music of WWE Raw and SmackDown Womens Champion Becky Lynch hits and she comes out. Becky  says you want an explanation, it was a Winner Takes All match and I was too busy beating Ronda Rousey who you couldn’t beat, Becky says I have beaten you so many times because I know I could beat Charlotte Flair and I won and walked out with the titles and there is nothing you can do about it. Charlotte says you didn’t beat me and every time you are beaten down by Lacey Evans you think of me, Becky says you have been on your worse winning streak in a while, Charlotte says your days are numbered, you have everything to lose and I have nothing to lose. Charlotte says I am next in line after Lacey Evans, Becky says shut your face and I want to face competition like Mickie James, Bayley, Ember Moon and others before I face you and you need to fight from the bottom before I want to face you again.

Bayley music hits and she says all she sees is a re-run and thanks for the shoutout but you haven’t beaten me. Charlotte tells Bayley to get to the back of the line because this is my show, Bayley says if you deserve a chance then face me and lets see who wins for a chance to face Becky Lynch.

Commercial break

Womens Division Singles Match
Bayley Vs Charlotte Flair

When we return the match is official between Charlotte Flair and Bayley. Bayley knocks Charlotte down, Bayley drops Charlotte with a middle rope hanging DDT, middle rope dropkick to Charlotte on the outside. Bayley with a slam and dropkick for a two, Charlotte sends Bayley into rope and then drops Bayley with a neckbreaker.

Charlotte hangs Bayley in the corner, Charlotte sends Bayley into the corner, punches exchanged, Bayley with a rollup, rolling crossbody by Bayley for a two on Charlotte, Charlotte with a back elbow in the corner, short kick and chop block to Bayley. Charlotte in control.

Commercial break

When we return Charlotte goes for Figure 4 but to no avail, running knee to Charlotte by Bayley, Charlotte with a knee from the corner, Bayley with a clothesline to Charlotte for a two. Bayley with punches to Charlotte. Boot to Bayley by Charlotte for a 2, Charlotte drags Bayley to near the corner and Charlotte climbs the ropes and missed her moonsault but missed, Bayley with a belly-to-back suplex for a two count. Charlotte sends Bayley into the corner and goes for hanging knee but Bayley blocks and does a sunset flip on Charlotte into the corner. Bayley climbs to the top rope but Charlotte takes her out and goes for Figure 8 but countered into a spear by Charlotte Flair for the win.

Winner via Pinfall Charlotte

We see Becky Lynch watching the match and Kayla Braxton asks about match and Becky Lynch says she will beat Lacey Evans and then also defend SmackDown Womens Championship against Charlotte and beat her and still be Becky “2 belts”.

Commercial break

We see a video package for Bray Wyatt with return of Firefly Fun House.

Main Event
Non-Title Singles Match
WWE Champion Kofi Kingston w/Xavier Woods and Kevin Owens Vs Shinsuke Nakamura w/Rusev and Lana

Match is underway and Kevin Owens and Xavier Woods on commentary on their New Day commentary table.

Nakamura with a headlock on Kingston, Kingston with punches to the gut of Nakamura, reverse spinning elbow by Kingston, dropkick to Nakamura sending him to the outside, Nakamura with knees to Kingston. Nakamura with boot in the corner, missed knees and Kingston nails a rebound splash.

Kingston with a wristlock on Nakamura, elbow to Nakamura, Nakamura with an armbar on Kingston, Kofi rolls up Nakamura for a two count, middle rope dive and then climbs to the top rope and nails a splash for a two count. Kofi sends Nakamura to the outside and Kingston goes for a dive but Nakamura blocks it and hangs Kofi on ring apron and does his launching knee.

Commercial break

When we return Nakamura in control of Kingston with a chin lock, Nakamura with boot to Kingston, followed by a kick, Nakamura sends Kingston to the outside and tries to send him into steps but Kofi escapes then goes for a move but met with a kick by Nakamura, back in the ring a low kick to Kingston for a two count, Nakamura with kicks, Nakamura with a monkey flip but Kofi lands on his feet, Kofi mocks Nakamura and does chops followed by a standing dropkick, hanging snap German Suplex on the middle rope by Nakamura. Shinsuke goes for his Kinshasha kick but stopped by stomp, Kofi goes for Trouble in Paradise but blocked and then SOS attempt but Rusev comes in and causes disqualification

Winner via Disqualification due to outside interference WWE Champion Kofi Kingston

After the bell Rusev and Nakamura beat down Nakamura which then brings in Kevin Owens, Xavier Woods and then Kinshasha to Xavier Woods and then Trouble in Paradise to Shinsuke Nakamura and then Kevin Owens kicks Kofi Kingston and removes his New Day shirt and starts beating down Kofi Kingston and takes it to the outside and then sends him into security wall and then sends Owens into the ringpost and then sends him back in the ring and grabs the WWE Championship belt and stands on the head and says I am coming for this and Kofi stands up for himself but then Kevin Owens regains control and beats him down and tosses him out the ring and then goes for a Buckle Bomb but Xavier Woods stops it but is taken down with a clothesline, Kevin Owens then nails a Buckle Bomb on Xavier Woods.

Referees and medics come and check on Xavier Woods as Kevin Owens is walking up the ramp as SmackDown ends.

End of SmackDown

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