The Shield Final Chapter

Apr 21, 2019 - by Achal Mohindra

Join us for coverage of The Shield’s Final Chapter at 9:30 Eastern 6:30 Pacific and 02:30am UK Time.

WWE Network Special
Live from: Moline, Illinois
Date: 21st April, 2019
Commentators: Michael Cole & Renee Young & Corey Graves

We see Michael Cole & Renee Young & Corey Graves standing by the ring and discus the final match for The Shield as well as Finn Balor defending WWE Intercontinental Championship against Elias, Bayley and Ember Moon take on The Riott Squad.

We see a video package about the career of The Shield in WWE.

Tony Rome introduces Elias who is in the ring. Elias plays a tune on the guitar, Elias says he is happy it is The Shield’s final match, won’t have to see those three in the same ring again, Dean Ambrose realised there is no future for The Shield in WWE. Seth Rollins will ride Raw into the ground. Roman Reigns will pay for what he did to me and Mr McMahon, Elias tells crowd and Corey Graves to shut their mouths, he sings a song mocking the crowd. Finn Balor interrupts Elias and says he is a big fan and wants to Walk with Elias. Balor agrees, Elias sings a song and it is all about loving Elias,  Finn Balor starts impromptu changing song saying if Elias Sucks say Yes I do, Elias attacks Finn Balor and asks to ring the bell.

Singles Match for WWE Intercontinental Championship
Referee: Chad Patton
Challenger: Elias Vs Champion: Finn Balor

Match is underway and Elias in control till a baseball dropkick to Elias by Balor. Elias kicking Balor in the corner. Elias using apron to his advantage, Balor has arm hung and ring mat.

Elias in control with an armbar. Elias working on left arm of Balor, Balor breaks the arm bar, Elias with a knee drop to Balor, Elias sends Balor shoulder first into the turn buckle, then does it a second time. 2 count by Elias.

Balor sends Elias into the corner, Balor with a arm ringer on Elias. Waistlock escaped by Elias, roll up by Balor for a two into a armbar, Balor with a takedown and double stomp to gut of Elias, Swing-blade by Elias, Balor with a rollup for a two count. Inside cradle by Balor for a two count, Balor with a kick to side of head of Elias. Elias tries to send Balor over the rope onto the announce table which is by the ring edge but missed but then a rollup for a two and then another rollup by Finn Balor for the 3 count to retain title.

Winner via Pinfall and still WWE Intercontinental Champion Finn Balor

After the match, Balor leaves and Elias sets up the stand and chair and microphone and tells crowd to shut up and says Balor got lucky and I am going to finish the song I started. He starts singing and music of Riott Squad hits.

Ruby Riott says we respect and admire you, Logan says we are big fans, Liv says you should play your song and we can sing along,  Liv says can we be The Elias Squad. Elias says I like the sound of that. Elias says I know you ladies like Elias. Elias sings and The Riott Squad do their version saying if you love the Riott Squad say yes I do.

Womens Division Tag Team Match
Referee: Ronnie Washington
The Riott Squad – Ruby Riott and Sarah Logan w/Liv Morgan Vs Bayley and Ember Moon

Logan and Bayley start the match, Logan in control and takes down Bayley, Logan with an armbar on Bayley, Bayley with a chop to Logan, Logan sends Bayley into post.

Ruby Riott tagged in and Ember Moon tagged in, Ember takes down Ruby, rollup for a two count, Ruby tags in Logan, arm drag takedown by Sarah Logan, Ember with a takedown, Bayley tagged in, Vintage Bayley with slide kick to Sarah Logan, Bayley climbs the top rope and Morgan tries to get involved and Logan sends Bayley into the corner.

Ruby Riott tagged in, chin lock on Bayley, Ruby takes down Bayley with an elbow, Bayley hung on middle rope and knee, and behind referees back Liv Morgan attacks Bayley, Sarah Logan tagged in and hooks a cloverleaf on Bayley, Bayley escapes but Logan sends Bayley into corner but Bayley hangs Sarah Logan on top rope. Riott tags in and knocks Ember Moon of the apron, Ember Moon tagged in with a drop kick, step up ensuguri rocks Ruby Riott for a two count.

Body laterral press of middle rope by Ember Moon on Riott for a two count, Ruby with kicks to Ember, Riott tries to roll up Ember with feet on the rope but referee sees it and ejects Liv Morgan, Ember Moon on the top rope and nails Total Eclipse for the win.

Winners via Pinfall Bayley and Ember Moon

We see The Shield backstage, Rollins says we arrived and created a legacy, Roman says we took control and Dean says we come out and do it our way tonight, Dean says Believe in The Shield.

Commentators talk about the opponents of The Shield, They show Lashley/McIntyre/Corbin attacking and destroying Lucha House Party earlier tonight.

Six Man Tag Team Match
Referee: Chad Patton
The Shield (Dean Ambrose, WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns) vs. Baron Corbin, Bobby Lashley, and Drew McIntyre

Baron Corbin makes Tony Rome introduce him with his accolades. Baron says what an intro, an emotional night tonight, Shield is most dominative group in WWE History and you think it will be a fairytale ending, you think it will be the same as Kurt Angle losing against me. Shield will lose as well. Lashley says look at my time and we will beat down and they will limp out with no dignity. McIntyre says get on your feet and show some respect, Shield legacy isn’t secured and after we maul, beat and brutalise The Shield we will become the new dominant force in WWE.

The Shield come through the crowd.

The six men in the ring staring each other down with the referee in between them.

Match starts with Rollins and Corbin, tie up and shoulder tackle takes down Rollins by Corbin, side headlock by Corbin, Rollins escapes and standing drop kick. Dean tagged in and comes in and a low clothesline, elbow to Corbin by Ambrose, in the corner punches to Corbin by Ambrose, boot to Ambrose by Corbin, Lashley tagged in. Reigns tagged in and takedown of Lashley with a boot by Reigns.

McIntyre tagged in and kicks exchanged between McIntyre and Reigns, kick to McIntyre, Samoan Drop by Reigns, Ambrose tagged in and sends McIntyre to the outside and then dives over top on McIntyre, McIntyre sends Ambrose into ring apron and behind referees back Ambrose attacked by Corbin and Lashley. McIntyre hangs Ambrose on barrier. Lashley tagged in and punches to Ambrose, and boot in the corner, snap suplex on Ambrose for a two count, Lashley sends Ambrose to the outside, referee distracted double team on Ambrose by Corbin and McIntyre, Lashley with a punch to Ambrose, Corbin tagged in, Corbin with punch to gut of Ambrose, Ambrose with chops to Corbin, Corbin blocks it and knocks Reigns and Rollins of the mat, Dean with a Figure 4 Leglock on Corbin, referee distracted and McIntyre rakes eyes of Ambrose, McIntyre tagged in and drops Ambrose with a suplex. Lashley tagged in, Lashley with belly-to-belly suplex on Ambrose, Lashley distracts referee and double team by Corbin and McIntyre and Reigns grabs a chair but referee stops him. Swinging neckbreaker by Ambrose on McIntyre, Rollins and Corbin tagged in, boot to Corbin, Sling-Blade by Rollins and then lands outside on McIntyre, Corbin goes for backbreaker slam but missed, then Rollins takes down Corbin, Rollins drops Corbin and sends McIntyre to the outside.

Lashley tagged in by Corbin, Lashley and Corbin go to double suplex Rollins of the top rope but Rollins escapes and does cross body on Lashley and rolls through and tags in Reigns, Reigns takes down Lashley, Superman punch blocked and one to Corbin and then Reigns nails one on Lashley, both men are down, Ambrose tagged in and nails top rope elbow on Lashley for a two, McIntyre breaks hold and beats down Ambrose and tags in Corbin, Lashley and Corbin go to double suplex Ambrose saved by Rollins, then spear by Reigns to Lashley, Stomp to McIntyre, Ambrose takes down Baron Corbin with Dirty Deeds, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins tagged and they triple power bomb and Seth Rollins pins Baron Corbin for the win.

Winners via Pinfall The Shield (Dean Ambrose, WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns)

After the match Reigns, Ambrose and Rollins celebrate in the corner.

We see highlights of the match ending. Seth Rollins grabs the microphone (Thank you Dean, Thank you Shield, Thank you Ambrose chants fill arena) (Please don’t leave chant fills arena) Seth says don’t you think we tried that already, don’t know what to say what hasn’t been said, I won the Universal Championship a few weeks back beating Lesnar, for many know my story and that was culmination of last 15 years of my life, got family here tonight and without your support, what I want to say is my championship won’t be possible without The Shield Brotherhood and for the last 7 years I love you and love the Shield and couldn’t have done it without you.  Dean says I have something else to say that Seth grew up in this city and look at this as an example, if you want something don’t take no for an answer, Seth being champion is proof of that, if you want to prove you can overcome obstacles look at Seth Rollins, if you have learned stuff from Shield is kicking down doors and take what you want, you march forward and say The Shield told you so.  (Thank you Ambrose chant fills arena) The Shield do their fist pump as their music hits.

End of the show.

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