Who is that Masked Punk?

Apr 20, 2019 - by Colin Vassallo

CM Punk apparently returned briefly to a wrestling ring on Friday night under a mask, delivering the Go To Sleep finishing move at an MKE Wrestling independent event in Wisconsin.

During the Ace Steel vs Daryck St. Holmes match, Dave Prazak is seen running to the back and inviting someone to come in and interfere. With the referee down and out, the masked individual runs in, stops St. Holmes from hitting Steel with a chair, delivers the GTS, and helps Steel cover him for the pin.

Silas Young and the promoter for MKE Wrestling both confirmed that it was Punk under the mask. “Personally I’m extremely grateful that he did this because it’s helping get eyes on what we’ve been quietly doing here in Milwaukee,” the promoter said. Young added, “Here is some PUNK running in a match last night @MKE_Wrestling you never know who’s in gonna show up at our shows.” Punk appeared at a BJJ event at the West Allis Central High School earlier in the day and this MKE show was held at the Knights of Columbus in West Allis, just a mile away.

Punk is big friends with Ace Steel and Dave Prazak which made this easier to pull off. On a radio show a few years ago, Punk noted at the time that “never say never” in terms of a return to the ring but if it happens, “It’s not going to be anything televised. It’s going to be me in a ninja f**king outfit, wrestling one of my buddies and nobody is ever going to know about it.”

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