Details On Original Plans For Enzo and Cass At G1 Supercard And Plans Going Forward

Apr 18, 2019 - by James Walsh

Enzo and Big Cass (or nZo and caZXL, as they are calling themselves now) invaded G1 Supercard over Wrestlemania weekend and got into a fight with the Briscoes and Bully Ray. While there was some initial confusion over whether it was real or not, it was eventually revealed to be an angle and it’s believed that the two will be brought into the company at some point. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter has more details on their Ring of Honor future and details on what the original plan was for the angle, which turned into a wild brawl that was picked up and shown all over social media.

Neither Enzo nor Cass were at either Ring of Honor show this past weekend and they are not booked on any announced show as of now. They have been given no future dates and are currently not being planned for anything. As we previously noted, certain wrestlers, including those on the New Japan side, weren’t told of their appearance. There was also some divide between those backstage over whether or not to actually do it.

The original plan was to do a quick segment in the corner by the guardrails. Enzo would grab Mark Briscoe, who would then shove Enzo and that would be the end of the bit. It would be quick enough so no one would think it was a work, as people did when it became a long, drawn-out fight. The brief moment may or may not even be seen on TV, but it would be heard about online. The idea is that since Enzo actually interrupted a WWE show, they would play off on that. Security would then take him away to make it look real.

The plan would be then that if there was buzz, they might follow up on it. If nobody cared, it would be short enough that people would assume it’s real. However the segment got out of control and there are currently no plans to bring them back. However, there are also different people with differing views in creative, so things could change at any time.

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